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1.6 Civic Engine for Sale

The Civic by Honda is known for its 1.6 liter engine block used since 1988 in the U.S. Sale prices for this block go up and down based on market conditions. There are several internal Honda codes that identify the standard displacement versions. PreownedEngines.com has a stock of 1.6 Civic engine for sale units ready to buy on this website.

Specs of the 1.6L Block

Up to 7200 RPM is what the base level Civic 1.6 engine can handle. The SOHC series has been immensely popular. The horsepower range changed a little year by year. The first versions were outputting only 105 hp while future editions can go as high as 160 hp. There is a red line limit programmed in all ECU system to prevent overload.

The most common Honda code numbers that will identify the 1.6 build include:


While POE is not a regular JDM or USDM resource, we do have dealers that supply us with foreign stock from time to time. The listings that you can find when trying to locate the unit that you seek are updated each day. What we have and what we do not will be displayed to you.

Reliable Honda Engines

There is a guarantee that someone gets with every order and arranged shipment here. A three-year plan for parts coverage is included. No company has the resources to protect all of the components that are factory installed. We do our very best to explain what we are not providing an extension of coverage for to alert the public when the warrant is activated.

Stream cleaning is a procedure that removes most of the rust and surface deterioration on the motor assembly. Since each edition is second hand, 100 percent of the discoloration is not guaranteed to be removed. This is something to keep in mind while wading through the junk parts auto industry.

Buy Used Civic Motors Here

The Civic, Integra and other vehicles that can accept the used Honda 1.6 engines that we list on our page do not need to be modified to get the product to fit. This is as close to a turnkey crate motor that can be found. Your price is arranged once you use the automated computer presented to you here. Type in the transmission and production year to get started.

POE accepts consumer phone calls or inquiries about trade industry accounts too. Call to order, check the vehicle ID information or anything else. We are here to make shopping for a used import motor as safe and as easy as possible. Each one of our sales staff is trained and skilled in their job. We are courteous and take as much time as you need to get to know our inventory.