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1.6 Corolla Engine Sale

Corolla cars used a 1.6 liter 4AFE engine from 1987 onward at Toyota. This DOHC block was the first of its kind to use an electronic fuel system. The days were carbureted motors were over as well as throttle body injectors. This straight four-cylinder build set the tone in the global automotive manufacturing industry for excellence. Powertrain Guys has a 1.6 Corolla engine sale price for its inventory posted here.

Specs for the 1.6 Liter

Two generations were placed into production by Toyota. The first edition was the regular 16 valve model. A colorized plate was made and inserted onto the block to identify the EFI version. There are 1587 cc available to users of the 1.6 motor. The peak RPM of 6300 did not overshadow the 113 horsepower configured into the design.

Compression was rated for 9:5:1 in all versions. Not only did Toyota use its four cylinder platform in the North American market, but it placed the same reliable builds in vehicles made in other countries. It is certain that many people have been introduced to the level of reliability found in a typical Corolla block.

The sequence of numbering on the motor casing is easy to understand. The VIN A 4th digit is what most people ask for when swapping out a used Toyota I4 engine. The glory years of the 1995 through early 2000 vehicles were equipped with this version.

The A13L and the C50 Toyota transmissions were common to find in sedan vehicles during the production of the 4AFE motors. These models were specifically tuned for what the cars needed instead of supping up the performance for unnecessary reasons. An overwhelming majority of dealerships that sold these automobiles had few warranty claims against defects.

Buying Used Toyota Engines

PTG removes the obstacles that could prevent a person from locating a suitable replacement block. By going ahead and making arrangement with salvage yards, the inventory presented when people search this website is already discounted. The pricing structure will vary a little between each supplier. What is the most essential point to understand is that a warranty package is provided at the time of shipment.

The direct quote computer that we provide to the public is free to use. In just a second or two, the entire stock on hand is researched and displayed. Details about emissions, mileage and other data is presented when known. Consumers and shop owners buying a used 1.6 Corolla motor to install appreciate these features.

The fixed price drops that are taken from the MSRP are offered for review. People with an intent to buy or to receive further information can place a call to us by phone. One of the staff who answers the phone will gather any required data to speed up the time it takes to order. Arranging deliveries and other things can happen afterwards.