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1.8L Matrix Engine

The Matrix by Toyota was an offshoot of the Corolla that was sold in the U.S. and Canadian markets. This vehicle brand was introduced to the consumer industry in the year 2002. The first model year was a hatchback design. The initial four-cylinder motor design was coupled as the FE series. Someone searching on the web to find 1.8L Matrix engine inventory is shopping in the right place.

The first generation of the Matrix was in production from 2002 to 2008. This time period allowed Toyota to experiment with dual motor brands. The Celica engines used in the GTS edition were also coupled with the Matrix during the 5-years of production. These vehicles did use several gearbox types depending on the actual motors that were placed inside of each vehicle.

Specs for a Toyota Matrix Motor

The first two engine codes that an engine shopper will find on the web are either 1ZZFE or 2ZZGE. The is the standard 1.8L platform that has 109 cubic inches of block space. The second unit was the upgrade and was featured in the Celica models due to the 134 horsepower range. Not every dealer publishes the differences between these models making it even more difficult to find an original replacement on the open market.

The second generation also used the 1.8L editions although a major upgrade to performance was featured. The 22ZR and 2AZ editions were preferred due to the newer technology for the inline four-cylinder base. Toyota moved to dual versions of automatic transmissions and a new manual transmission during this time period.

Are Used 1.8L Matrix Motors Worth it?

One way for a buyer to determine if a preowned motor is up to par is by evaluating the mileage that is displayed on the odometer. This can be difficult when motors are pulled from the vehicle and some retailers do not provide accurate data. The average range of mileage that exists on the first or second generation Matrix engines is around 200,000 miles.

Where to Buy a Preowned Matrix Engine Online

A completely fast way to search available inventory nationally exists right on this page. The immediate finder tool that is provided to all motor buyers is a virtual one-touch system. By inputting the year and the vehicle brand, the sale prices and warranty details for a used Toyota 1.8L engine is displayed. This process is meant to simply the standard level of research that the average person will conduct when estimating the price and block quality for any Matrix vehicle motor.

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