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Buick 2.0 Turbo Engine

The Regal is back in full force in the GM company lineup and is taking the engine world by storm. While sales continue to top the charts, what is happening in the used market is helping many consumers. The reliability of the Buick 2.0 turbo engine used in the Regal vehicle series can be purchased in second hand condition. This provides access to a better price for the FWD series motors in multiple builds. This top resource can be used to locate preowned automotive engines for sale.

Due to the high Buick Regal MSRP, consumers now expect more out of a motor. General Motors has delivered on the promise of extending horsepower without cutting the fuel mileage. The trim levels have been stepped up in the modern Regal and the Ward’s Best Engine is now an award that Buick has earned since 2011. The small-block motors now in production for various GM automobiles are now turning heads in the global auto market.

Find 2.0L Ecotec Motors Online

The Ecotec technology is built around the 2.0 motor base. Different modifications have been announced that have strengthened long-term engine usage. The specs for the most recent 2.0 motor include 270 horsepower. These specs for the 2.0 turbo engine also showcase the electro turbocharger. There are different engine codes used for the turbo series production. The LTG and LUH codes identify the build as a gasoline edition. The standard I4 base is paired with the six-speed gearboxes unlike the Buick 3800 engine specs.

One feature that consumers in the secondary market still look for is the variable valve timing. This is a technology similar to VTEC in the Honda brand. The improved power range mixed with a boost in miles per gallon are secondary traits of the turbo 2.0 Ecotec turbo engine. The mid-size vehicle design is a perfect fit for the American editions of the modern 2.0 General Motors series. The all-wheel drive option is still standard on the preowned units.

Buick Engine Buyer’s Guide

While the new Ecotec platform is crossing over to Buick, the same technologies are still used in the Chevrolet division. The VVT and other updates like eAssist will continue to help accelerate Buick as a top luxury brand. When the decision is made to swap a defective or high mileage turbo motor, finding the right resource will be crucial for the average automotive parts buyer.

Where to Buy Preowned Buick Motors

Starting off with the search tool on this page is a good start for someone ready to make a domestic purchase. There are no MSRP prices that are featured in the inventory finder on this website page. All price markdowns and consumer incentives here are exclusive from trusted suppliers. Having a VIN number ready and the year of the Ecotec platform motor needed will save time when sorting through the low mileage motors supplied for retail sale.

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