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Ford 2.3L Ecoboost Engine for Sale

Ford used its Ecoboost engine to tout better gas mileage. The 2.3 is the new block that is now being used in place of the larger 2.7 liter. With its 280 horsepower base package, consumers get to experience better performance with no decrease in the fuel economy. The introduction in 2015 set the stage for global recognition of a job well done. Regular people can find a Ford 2.3 Ecoboost engine for sale at this portal.

Specs of the Ecoboost I4

Compression was boosted up to 10:0:1 for the standard block. The MKC by Lincoln offered the initial consumer testing needed to judge the consumer satisfaction of the newer 2.3 motor. Since the reception was positive, Ford Motor Company has started to design and equip other vehicles with its four-cylinder package.

Vehicles that use the new technology include:


5500 RPM up to 6000 RPM is what the smaller class of the Ecoboost is rated for. Unlike the production of parts that take place in the state of Michigan, Ford now builds most of its blocks in foreign countries that include Mexico and Spain.

The Mazda L engine is what the 2.3 I4 is based upon. Because of its strong construction, these blocks are built to last a long time when regularly maintained.

The motor itself is a typical DOHC. What makes it different is the independent camshaft system. This style is very similar to what GM now uses for some of its products. PreownedEngines.com sources what the public can order here from scrap yards.

Reliable Ford Parts Warranties

Original components are usually of good quality. These however will not last forever. Even with regular oil changes, no one can predict when a valve gasket will leak or if rust will penetrate a vital area. POE, in cooperation with its suppliers, has a three-year policy term for a base warranty plan.

This is one documented way that most of what might go wrong on a used 2.3 motor can be repaired or replaced. A consumer going into a dealership would pay thousands of dollars in expenses just for a basic diagnostic test. To prevent this from happening, the warranty plan is completely free of charge.

2.3 Liter Ecoboost Motor Prices

The specs tell the truth about the quality of the product. Vehicles that are towed, involved in rear end collisions and that have water damage are primary finds for most secondary dealers. The POE team built the price locator application and placed it on this page for daily use. Anyone with a model year and make can get started quoting the last price data. The number to call when information is needed is written on this page. Inquiries about wholesale and other opportunities are welcome by other suppliers.