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2.3L Ford Fusion Engine for Sale

The 2.3 is an I4 engine found in the Fusion by Ford. National sale took place from 2006 through the 2009 year. The family of blocks that the four-cylinder refers to is called the Duratec base. With many years of production in years past, continued effort to improve all aspects of performance is still underway in the U.S. POE supplies a 2.3 Ford Fusion engine for sale on this website to consumers.

The S and SE trim were by far the best two options to find the four-cylinder 2.3 Duratec. With its 168 horsepower rating, use with an automatic or manual transmission was possible. There are 138 cubic inches placed in the cast iron build. This amount does not translate to the bigger 3.0 Duratec power, but it is respectable.

The natural miles per gallon is between 20 and 28 for the Fusion. This is accomplished by the intelligent airflow system. Even with regular unleaded gasoline, the MPG is pretty consistent in all variations of the Duratec 23 I4 motors. It is surprising what good maintenance can do to keep a Fusion automobile up and running.

Salvage Ford Engine Blocks

PreownedEngines.com connects the top secondary providers of automotive parts with consumers daily. The actual inventory that is delivered will come from a trusted partner that actually has stock on hand. Once the sticker priced is obtained, the order procedure is very simple to understand.

The used Ford engine products that are available do have a warranty plan in place. The policy documents are always available to request and to review. Sales of the Fusion in the U.S. continue to grow each year based on how good the I4 performs. Although no manufacturing for the 2.3 liter four-cylinder is expected any time soon, consistent support will always been offered.

Buy Used Fusion Motors

A simple two-step procedure is needed to complete price quote request. First, input the make and model of an automobile into the computer database. Second, choose the transmission type. Once this has been entered, the process to calculate the price takes less than one whole minute. A buyer will be given the chance to purchase online to to call the toll-free number.

The easiest method of ordering is left up to a consumer. For most people, free shipping is always applied to an order unless delivery without a lift gate is made. There are certain fees that can be included. It is best to confirm everything with a rep from POE before any buying arrangements have been processed.

It is now very common for mechanics and dealers to inquire about pricing for resale to consumers. Even though this is not a true wholesale option, no one is denied product due to pricing concerns. Any dealer or car owner can use this website effectively.