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2.4 Ecotec Engine for Sale

The 2.4 is an engine introduced by GM named the Ecotec. It was for sale in the Cobalt SS for the first time in 2006. This block is a modified four-cylinder. It carries the RPO code of LE5. It was so popular that General Motors began regular installations in its top selling vehicles in the mid 2000s. The best price for a used 2.4 Ecotec engine for sale is what we give to users of this website.

Specs of the 2.4 Ecotec Block

Development of gasoline motors is one thing GM has spearheaded since the 1970s. Making builds that reach the best miles per gallon is a real achievement. In the case of the 2.4 liter, new controls were included. Specs were borrowed from the Generation II series and modified to work with the new components.

GM added variable valve timing to the all-new LE5. The horsepower range is one of the highest for the medium-size vehicle market. The 169 hp to 173 hp is well above the respected range for similar four-cylinder motors.

Cars Using the 2.4 Motor

Widespread usage of the improved block happened relatively quickly. GM knew that it had developed a long-lasting build that would be the primary engine in several automobiles. While the SS series was the first to receive it, the 2.4 Ecotec motor was also found inside of the following vehicles:


One thing that someone should understand before ordering this assembly is that it is gasoline only. The same displacement is found on the Hybrid blocks that were built near the same time period. These assemblies are not cross compatible.

3-Year Parts Warranty

Protecting what is inside and attached to a motor requires a warranty. PreownedEngines.com has written a solid document that explains in easy to understand language what we cover. Common things like water pumps are never covered because most of these are rebuilt anyway.

There are 36 months of total protection in all of the POE warranty plans. The used Ecotec engine inventory that we showcase on this very page is in stock. People who arrange a shipment will get the fastest and safest delivery we have available.

Buy Used Chevy Engines

Chevrolet, Pontiac and Saturn were all improved by the upgraded 2.4 liter. When you need a unit to swap, find your reduced price here. We let you use our advanced computer to figure out the total cost. Things like warranties and freight charges will be inserted in the price we list.

One of our helpful experts is waiting by the phone now. We rely on a toll-free platform to make it free and convenient for people to call. We do not disguise pricing. Honesty is the best policy in all aspects of our business.