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2.4 Hilux Engine for Sale

The 2.4 engine is one displacement used in the Hilux while on sale in the USA. Before the 4Runner, this light-duty truck was making waves that started in the year 1984. The block inside was a straight-four variant. The salvage auto market is one great place to find a 2.4 Hilux engine for sale using the Internet. POE has units in stock here.

Specs of the 2.4 Motor

The Toyota code name of the Hilux motor is 22R. There are three total variations of the I4 that were made available until the 1987 production year. The base model is a SOHC style. Before electronics were added, the block code did not change. The 22RE is the assembly that most people associate with the commercial pickup trucks.

Up to 135 horsepower is the maximum that anyone driving the Hilux truck can get. Unless you have the optional turbo inside, you will always have the standard performance level available for speed control. Nothing really changed when the 22R series was installed into additional vehicles in the Toyota family.

Complete Toyota Engine Blocks

You have to be careful if you will shop on the web for a motor. Some companies take off the stock components and leave you with just the iron shell. What you should look for is inventory like POE has daily. A complete 2.4 engine in used condition does offer the best value. Buyers who come here from all across the country should stay informed.

We sweeten any good deal we promote by including our multi-year warranty plan. Your used Toyota I4 engine that you acquire from us receives a warranty plan. This is one document that we prepare that will inform you of what on the block is covered. We find this completely fair and a real benefit to a buyer.

Order Hilux Motors Online

By controlling the retail price, we have been able to offer discounts that all people can find here. The exact inventory of foreign SKU numbers is what our computer system provides. Without even logging in, a person can generate price quotations pretty easily. All of the light-duty and compact trucks that were manufactured by Toyota can accept our used motor inventory.

You can checkout once you have taken a look at the price we give to you. We developed a state-of-the-art e-commerce shopping cart. An order ID number will be included and will be tied to you through the ordering procedure. Call us by our toll-free number if you need a little assistance.

The used 22R truck engines that we are offering are always checked out before one is sent from our warehouse. The freight handling agents ensure a safe and really fast delivery.