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Used 2.5 Sebring V6 Engine OEM Replacement

Sebring vehicles by Chrysler used the 2.5 V6 from 1995 to 2000. This motor block was built by Mitsubishi and was first found in the Diamante vehicles built in the year 1990. A partnership for creating motors and vehicles offered a chance to try different technologies in the auto industry. The 2.5 Sebring V6 engine is listed here for sale with a cheaper than MSRP price tag.

24-Valve 2.5 SOHC Motor

The V6 used inside of the Sebring was manufactured by Mitsubishi and is known as the 6G73 block. While the configuration is a single overhead cam build, the block position is still the trusted 60-degree design. This provided no loss of air flow or power in the smaller 6-cylinder combination. Both Chrysler and Mitsubishi vehicles have made good use of the 6G73 series.

The actual rating of horsepower for the 2.5-liter is 161. The heads are made out of a cast aluminum material to provide a low heat option. Timing belts and not chains are used for the SOHC version of the V6. The Sebring, Stratus and Avenger were all fitted with the same motor types between the 1995 to year 2000 production period in the United States.

There are only two levels of trim that were offered in the Sebring 2.5L. The two-door convertible and coupe versions were marketed as the LXi and the LX platform. There were later upgrades although these did not include the original 6G73 V6 motor block. This gasoline powered motor is still one regarded by current car owners and people who will update their engine power.

Second Hand 2.5-Liter Sebring Builds

Are used engines worth it? That is a question that someone who has never purchased from an auto scrap yard would ask. For the most part, a used block is just as powerful as the rebuilt or reconditioned units sold for a much higher price. The 2.5 was part of the JDM technology series that was used heavily in the 1990s. While there are other 6-cylinder options available now, there is nothing wrong with buying a used Sebring engine.

For the average person, the first encounter with a used motor block will come from an auction listing on the web. Some junk yards sell Chrysler motors that are in salvage condition. What this will mean to a purchaser of a block is that not every build that is marketed on the web is a good build. There could be gasket issues, air leaks or timing belt problems that are not identified in auction listings.

Sale Priced 2.5L V6 Sebring Engines

Retailers that are able to discount the retail price make the best sources to buy engines from on the Internet. This PreownedEngines.com website is one of the only sources that discount the price tag and offer free motor shipments nationally. This includes the Sebring V6 and comparable Chrysler company used auto engines for sale.

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