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2.7 Sebring Engine for Sale

2.7 is the engine type used in Sebring mid-size cars by Chrysler when on sale in the U.S. While there was a time when this block had oil sludge problems, the late model versions did not have this issue. The coupe, sedan and convertible models that were retailed nationally relied on the performance of the infamous V6. A 2.7 Sebring engine for sale can be found here online.

There are different variations of the 2.7 liter block. Starting in the year 2001, Chrysler began improving its luxury class of automobiles. The V6 was put into production in the early 1990s. Testing confirmed that this block would be a great addition to the mid-size class of automobiles. The base, touring, LX and limited versions of the Sebring all offered the bigger 60-degree V6 as an option.

EER 2.7 Liter Motor Specs

A regular and flex fuel variant was produced during the 11-year run of the Chrysler Sebring. The 189 horsepower performance level was available for all stock configurations. The same DOHC block design was kept when the EER option code versions were produced.

The 6400 RPM mixed with the 9:7:1 compression ratio offered the perfect balance of speed and a smooth ride. Even though the V6 was reliable and dependable, it was only built to provide 167 cubic inches of displacement. The legacy of this block will continue to live in the hearts of consumers who still prefer to use this model over the Pentastar.

There is quality inventory through resellers to find a 2.7 engine for Chrysler Sebring cars. The trick is to avoid anything that involves an auction or owner-to-consumer sale. The chance of a block being tested, evaluated and steam cleaned is very low. POE is one of a handful of companies that guarantees certain things about stock on hand.

Chrysler Parts Warranties

When things go wrong with auto parts, it is rare that a consumer will pay nothing for a repair. Because automotive parts stores do not sell engine components, fixing a problem alone or hiring a mechanic are the things most people do. PreownedEngines.com only accepts inventory that includes an extended parts warranty for the public.

The coverage remains in effect for about two to three years after a sale is complete. This period of time has cut through the regular protection period that one would find at a junk yard or pick-a-part location. The used Sebring V6 motors that are featured here always come with the right level of components protection.

Buy Used Sebring Engines

A swap is essentially much easier to do when a low mileage block is available. It should not take hours or weeks of time spent researching in order to get a fair and equal price. POE has a fully functional price locator application available for usage. Even when a vehicle identification number is not known, the tool can still be used to its full potential.

The selling price as well as any important terms of sale are provided to a system user here. We even have a phone system that makes it free to call from anywhere. Obtaining data pertaining to mileage, compatibility or other things is easy through a phone call. Let our associates get you the lowest price for a 2.7 Chrysler engine today.