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2.9 V6 Ford Engine for Sale

Ford offered its 2.9 liter engine in V6 size for sale in the Ranger and Bronco II. This build was the improved version of the smaller 2.8. Known as the Cologne V6, this block proved its reputation was solid to vehicle owners. It is not the most powerful assembly built, but it has stood the test of time. You can buy a 2.9 V6 Ford engine for sale at PreownedEngines.com.

2.9 Cologne V6 Specs

How much horsepower do you get? Even in used form, you can get as much as 150 horsepower. This is pretty respected for an older 6 cylinder. The official Ford specs touted the Cologne 2.9 engine as having 144 hp. With good maintenance, you should get the rated performance and then some.

The 177 cubic inch displacement is a good size. It is not too much to suck the gas tank dry during transport. The power level is one thing Ford has always payed attention to with truck and SUV motors. Even Chevy fans who love the 4.3 recognize the popularity of the 2.9 liter motor as a competitor.

A company know as Cosworth manufactured a performance version of the Cologne V6. This should never be confused with the OEM design that we sell to you here. We do not deal in aftermarket accessories or component for complete blocks that we list.

Buying Your First Cologne V6

The German construction is one element that made the Ford parts reliable. These were not mass produced in Asian factories like some auto companies. What you should understand is that a properly tuned and cared for block will last a long time. There will always be miles that can never be removed even if an assembly is rebuilt.

You can get a Ford 2.9 V6 on sale, but is it missing anything. The hoses, gaskets and other essentials should be included. Some dealers take off what they want or can resell and just ship the empty block. Ordering from POE gives you a lot for your money.

Prices for Used 2.9 Ford Motors

We check the condition. We make 100 percent certain that we represent all details correctly. If we are unsure, we will let your know by e-mail or phone. If you have a VIN number, it sure is helpful to us. Our computer is fast, but accurate pricing is almost instant with the right vehicle ID information.

Your quote in price comes with no obligations. We just distribute it to you and wait for you to order. You can speak with us on the phone. Let us tell you about the mileage and the excellent warranty terms. Before you buy a reman 2.9, take a look at the second hand stock provided to you here.