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2006 Chevy Impala SS Engines for Sale

2006 chevy impala ss engine

2006 Chevy Impala SS Engines for Sale

The Impala was upgraded in the mid 2000s with a larger motor class. The SS or Super Sport editions that were produced by GM featured greater than a V6 engine. The Preowned Engines company makes it easy to find 2006 Chevy Impala SS engines for sale at what could be the lowest web pricing available in the U.S.

The LS4 base was selected for installation during the 2006 year. This edition had the characteristics of the Vortec 5.3 although was increased in horsepower. The SS Impala editions built during this time period are different because of the type of blocks used. The aluminum blocks were introduced instead of the standard cast iron. This build is similar in design to late model Corvette motors.

Used Chevrolet Impala Super Sport V8 Engine

Before the 5.3 LS4 motor was used in the Impala, GM tested the performance in the Pontiac Grand Prix. This lead to a three-year involvement in the Pontiac builds in the U.S. A person learning the history of SS GM motors will appreciate the positives that have come from consistent testing in the industry. The front-wheel design of the larger 5.3 is one of the extras available.

The issues with mileage that some motor buyers experience are erased with inventory featured here. The PreownedEngines.com staff finds the best of the best used motors to sell. This includes an overview of each block inside and out. The performance of a motor over the long term is only as good as the initial evaluation prior to retail sale. Quality is important and the push for low mileage is one of the staples here.

Where to Buy Chevy Impala Used Engines Online

A sticker price is just one of the factors evaluated when considering a replacement engine purchase. Engines are meant to work with certain transmissions. The Impala motors here have been tested and approved for use with the 4T65 and 4T65 HD gearboxes. This offers an OEM compliant match for each consumer. Quotes for prices are simple to request using the automated database listed on this page.

Any person with the need to find pricing can also speak with a talented staff member calling the Preowned Engines company hotline. Making a phone call can clear up any misconceptions about used transmissions or what types are compatible for the Impala. Any content not found on this detail page can be retrieved through a prompt phone conversation. The low prices for used Chevy engines fixed in the warehouse inventory are one advantage to shopping here online.

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