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3.8 Buick Electra Engine Used

The Electra from Buick can be traced back to its first year of production in 1959. The 225, T-Type and Custom editions built decades ago laid the groundwork for the modern manufacturing between 1980 and 1990. While the Electra is a discontinued vehicle, a person can still find the 3.8 Buick Electra engine used through websites like this one in the USA.

GM put a lot of faith into its Buick brand in 1984 when the engine blocks were changed. The issuance of coupe or sedan Electra bodies paired with V6 and V8 engines was a smart decision. Many of the engine types had a history of use in the Oldsmobile lineup. The creation of the Park Avenue and the Ultra trim levels showcased the 3.8 motor class.

3.8L Buick V6 Engine Specs

The LC4 engine code is used to describe the specs of the 3.8 between 1980 to 1990. The maximum horsepower is 125 although a turbo version did exist. The 3800 series and the smaller 3400 series engines were variants of the same technology. Apart from the Electra, the 3.8-liter engine was used in the LeSabre, Eldorado and Regal vehicles in the General Motors inventory.

The 4-barrel carburetor got its start in the V6 3.8 powered vehicles in the 1980s. While this technology is no longer used, there are retailers that still support sales of second hand inventory in the United States. Buying a used Buick engine and paying a cheap price is still possible on the web.

Pro Series 3800 Engines for Sale

During the final 2 years of production, GM praised its Buick brand by offering a new block. The LN3 series featured more than one intake valve to offer a higher horsepower. The Electra coupe and sedan were retrofitted with the Pro Series 1 engine although this technology was dropped by the 1995 year.

Production of the 3800 series Buick engines was terminated in 2008 in favor of the larger V8 series. Because some retailers can charge much higher prices, paying less for a secondary market unit is the goal of most owners of vehicles.

Cheap Buick 3.8L V6 Engine Inventory

There is no need to pay MSRP for a rusted out block that fits into an Electra or other 3800 powered vehicle. Engines for sale at this resource do offer top quality inside and out. The best way to purchase one of these blocks is to review price details first. The instant search tool featured at this website takes care of the research to find a swappable 3.8 V6.

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