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300ZX Engine for Sale

The 300ZX used a 2.0 liter and 3.0 liter engine while on sale in the U.S. The production period by Nissan was 1984 to the 1996 year. While models were also sold in Japan, consumers do prefer the assemblies that were only available in America. The turbo sport blocks that we showcase on this page are used. Get a 300ZX engine for sale cheap online.

Specs of the 300ZX Blocks

The motor means everything in a sports car. The development of performance vehicles by Nissan meant trial and error when it came to engine manufacturing. The use of turbo and standard edition blocks was common during the 1980s. A person who shops for a used Nissan motor will find a choice between four models.

You can swap the engine inside of your 300ZX with the following builds:


The 2.0 liter is the most sought after version. It could reach top speeds easily without blowing up. The Z31 was rated for 170 horsepower. People who look for these units in a junk yard will have to find an import dealer that catalogs these versions for sale.

The 3.0 liter was the late model build. It was used up until the 1989 year. A 160 horsepower rating was provided with the 9.0.1 compression. The installation of the OEM turbocharger or a third-party one is what makes each displacement more powerful.

300ZX Motor Buyers Guide

If you have found a match on the web for the version you want, it can be tempting to just place an order. Holding back a couple of minutes will save you some money. What you should ask about first is the block mileage. Since Nissan builds sports cars, it is likely that a lot of miles exists on the assembly. You should try to get one with a low count.

The second thing to ask about is warranty coverage. It is never cheap to replace original foreign parts. Automotive stores do not carry them, and you might spend a lot of time looking through catalogs. Find a retailer that guarantees the parts and a usage period after the sale.

Prices for 300ZX Engines

Nissan is one of the companies we support on behalf of the general public. POE provides late model and vintage car motors. The stock that we are listing currently is available to explore. In the past 24 months, we switched over to a new procedure to tabulate pricing. By using a quote tool, consumers have the power to tally up their own prices without our assistance.

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