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4.6 Mercury Grand Marquis Engine for Sale

The Grand Marquis from Mercury used a 4.6 engine starting in 1992. The Second Generation builds from Ford included a stepped up V8. Until the year 1997, the Modular motor was king in subsidiary vehicles. This build set the stage for luxury automobiles to compete with a larger block. A 4.6 Mercury Grand Marquis engine for sale can be ordered cheaper on this website.

Grand Marquis Motor Specs

Lincoln called the 4.6-liter V8 an InTech block. It was known simply as the Modular SOHC in the Mercury class of automobiles. The production of this build took place in the state of Michigan. This series still has a loyal following of people. It is not hard to buy a salvage V8 motor using good resources.

The motor is made from a cast iron alloy. The top speed of 210 horsepower is what can be achieved. There are two valves for every cylinder in the base series. The design is part of the 90-degree installations Ford is well known to make.

The used Mercury Grand Marquis engines that we sell on this website are the precursor models to the Triton 5.4L motor. The closure of the Mercury division brought the end of the 4.6L in the United States.

Reliability of the Mercury V8

Ford builds things to last for decades. This has been true since the 1920s. While there can be problems that are present, these are generally fixed through maintenance routines. All in all, the Modular motors are very dependable.

There were not many electronic parts or controls found on the block. This prevented some of the common issues like what is found on the late model Ecoboost series. PreownedEngines.com is the source that automotive mechanics and average people use to find deals on auto engines online.

Costs to Replace a 4.6L Engine

Someone shopping here might be unaware how to buy a second hand assembly for a good price. A lot of tricks can be played by retailers. Everything from jacking up the retail price to withholding a warranty has happened to people. POE spends time working with Mercury junk yards and other sources to find its inventory presented here.

A full range of costs are found using this portal. The easy to enter database includes all discounts available. The complete cost of a warranty and shipping are always included in advertised pricing. This is a real cost saver. People not utilizing the search tools here can still call by phone. Some buyers like to ask about mileage, and the condition of the builds that are in stock.