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4.6 l Romeo Engine Used

Ford began development of its 4.6 liter engine named the Romeo in 1990. This block was built in Canada and became one of the best V8 assemblies of all time. Known for its medium weight and high performance, this motor is on the list of the most durable ever produced. PreownedEngines.com has 4.6 l Romeo engine used inventory listed here to order.

Specs of the 4.6 Motor

Two versions were produced during the regular production schedule at Ford Motor Company. The first version was the SOHC 2-valve 4.6. Tests were made with the luxury division of the Lincoln subsidiary. Once consumer appreciation was set, production was increased to build even better assemblies for other vehicles. You will find 281 cubic inches in all builds.

After the 3-valve was constructed, work began on the DOHC 4-valve. This edition has a much higher output although all variants were V8 in size. The fuel economy is something that people regard as excellent in the Modular Romeo block. Even though this unit is not being produced any more, these are available in second hand condition at POE.

Cars Using the 4.6 Engine

As one of Ford’s best available, the Modular 4.6 liter engine block was installed in no less than 10 vehicles. Year after year it was selected because it was reliable. Everything from an SUV to a sports car held the Romeo block inside. Sales were always strong with motor vehicles that included the different valve combinations.

If you own one of the following vehicles, you can install the used 4.6 motor we display here:

Town Car
Crown Victoria
Grand Marquis

These editions are given to our company by our salvage partners. We are friends with the shop owners and never have to wait for a second pick. We are the first company that is called when a new inventory Ford compatible blocks are acquired.

Buy Used 4.6 Engines Here

You can order any of the inventory that we list here on this website. As part of the quote process, we take a little information from you to calculate what you will pay. Once this is finished, you get a buy button or a number to call to place your order. Hundreds of consumers use us every day of the week to find second hand Ford motors in V8 size.

You can understand our warranty by asking for the document before you order. You are required to activate the plan once you order is completed. You get a full 36 month term. Our shipping is even free most of the time for people ordering what we have available. Try us out.