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Used 5.0 Coyote Engine for Sale

The Coyote is a V8 size engine now used in Ford pickup trucks like the F150. Sale prices hit the streets in North American beginning in 2011. This revised block is now the primary source of power in vehicles that used to have the Triton installed. Thanks to the strength in the salvage industry, POE can offer a used 5.0 Coyote engine for sale straight from this website to all consumers.

Specs of the Ford 5.0L

The valve configuration just keeps getting bigger. Even though Ford has retained its 302 cubic inch displacement formation, there are now 32 valves in the V8. The same aluminum casing and head combination is found in the Coyote family blocks. The compression was raised slightly to 10:5:1.

The secret to performance is having slow fuel burn off and maximum air flow. The Ti-VCT V8 is showcased in all of the late model engineered products from Ford. This independent system controls the force of air into the motor to improve top speed. The 360 hp is a direct response of this addition.

Fuel injection is always being improved. By using better electronic modules, a more precise mixture is now pumped through the system to the engine. To couple the improved specs of the Coyote 5.0 V8, the 6R80 is now the main transmission supported.

Powertrain Parts Warranties

Everything from the drive shaft to the calipers on a brand new F-Series truck is usually covered through a dealership. When someone drives off of the lot, the clock starts ticking on what can be replaced free of charge if a repair is needed. For the average person, a typical used Ford truck motor is covered by a warranty for a 30-day period of time. This is just not long enough to assure a regular auto parts buyer.

POE is changing the standards of retailing complete blocks to the public. Not only do the suppliers offering inventory here have a warranty included, but the term is a massive two to three years in length. After a good steam cleaning, checks of all components are administered to make 100 percent certain that defects are not present.

Taking the time to go through these small but important details has improved the business growth here since 2013.

5.0 Liter V8 Engine Prices

There is now a popular quote tool that is a part of this website. It is this digitized tool that anyone can go into to pull out the everyday low price offered. Even without a vehicle identification number, a discounts are arranged based on minimal vehicle data. When it comes time to place orders, last minute verification checks will be made.

POE even provides quotes to other dealers that cannot find a second hand supplier. Auto mechanics and scrap yards are some examples of the types of commercial business related people shopping here daily. The chance to buy what is in stock is given through the e-commerce checkout or through a toll-free phone call.