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5.0L Chevy L03 Engine Used

The 5.0L 8-cylinder motor block can be referred to as L03 in the GM family. This edition was installed in the early 1990s pickup trucks in the 1994 to 1995 years. The pre-Silverado models were known as the C/K series trucks. The early use of the throttle body fuel injection system was regarded as a top technology for General Motors during this time period. Someone can buy a Chevy L03 engine for a good price shopping this portal online.

L03 Engine Specs

An early application of the L03 RPO block was the Chevrolet Blazer and the closely related GMC Jimmy 15. This increase in power level was due to the 9:3:1 ratio of compression. While this was an improvement over the 4.3-liter V6, additional vehicles benefited from the bigger V8 models.

The design of the block is the standard 90-degree shape that GM has pioneered for decades. As an overhead valve longitudinal block, the block deck height for each cylinder was modified for 9.025 inches. The electronic spark control module was added when the fuel system was updated with an electronic module.

The horsepower rating for the non-modified 5.0 liter block is fixed at 170. This offers a red line limit of around 4000 RPMs. There are 305 cubic inches in the block of the L03. GM created this series with an iron block as well as the heads on each side. There were two standard valve sizes used. These were 1.50″ and 1.84″ respectively.

Transmission Compatibility with L03 Motors

The 1987 to mid 1990s production of the 305 family was always coupled with a manual gearbox. The TBI or throttle body injection system worked well with the early TH700R4 gearboxes. Some of the Chevrolet sedan vehicles like the Caprice were fitted with the MD8 transmission.

The Generation I production of the L series blocks introduced a lot of speed and durability in the Camaro, Yukon, Tahoe and some RV applications. Choosing a used 305 crate engine is much easier when a person knows the gearbox compatibility.

Buy 5.0L V8 Used Crate Blocks

The MSRP mostly likely changes depending on where someone will purchase an 8-cylinder version. The gasoline powered TBI models that are listed for sale at this resource are taken out of salvaged automobiles and trucks. This variety helps any person to find, compare and to review the discounts that are applicable to the OEM L05 builds.

A quotation system was designed for integration with this website. The automation of pricing for used automobile engines in V8 size is an industry first. Hundreds of vehicle junk yards are competing to offer the lowest pricing that is possible nationally for GM blocks.

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