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5.2 V8 Dodge Engine for Sale

5.2 is the engine type found for sale in many Dodge vehicles. This block was used as a reliable base when consumers needed torque and horsepower. Its OHV configuration was one of the biggest of its time when it actually debuted in the 1970s. Modifications over a two decade period at Chrysler turned the bad boy V8 into a fierce competitor. PTG has a 5.2 V8 Dodge engine for sale to anyone who shops on this website.

The LA family of motors provided the very foundation that the V8 class utilized. The cam shaft as well as the block were made out of cast iron. Internally, the name of Magnum was given to the late model editions that were manufactured. The total capacity of the unit holds about 17 quarts of oil. The 5.2 liter motor by Dodge is regarded for its error-free operation.

Specs of the Magnum V8

Compression always was and has been 9:1:1. Even if a consumer decided to change the ratio, few people would appreciate the addition. The 230 horsepower was just enough to satisfy truck owners and larger vehicle types. The used Dodge 5.2 engine that is offered here is sometimes called the 318. This number relates to the total cubic inches.

The enormous list of automobiles that have benefited in sales because the Magnum block is pretty large. From sports cars to heavy-duty trucks, just about anything with four wheels at Chrysler had the LA V8 318 inside. Someone trying to estimate what a replacement would cost should know that the following motor vehicles are compatible:

Gran Fury

The earliest editions used the Rochester brand carburetors. During the late 1980s when fuel systems were improved, throttle body injection platforms were integrated. One thing is for certain is that few people who own a 5.2 Dodge V8 give them up.

Warranty for Engine Parts

PowertrainGuys.com uses many resources to help the public locate adequate stock. By keeping the MSRP to a decent level, suppliers are able to not only discount the price, but these companies ship products with a warranty plan. Someone ordering inventory with assistance from this site will always get a package for parts protection included.

Junk yards are not the only source where procured inventory is kept. There are wholesalers and recyclers that are located on all coats in the United States. Relevant testing for any type of damage that can include air leaks and fluid leaks is routinely completed. This is just an extra assurance to a person buying salvage 8 cylinder blocks.

Used Dodge Engine Prices

Does your 318 motor start up? Is is time to make a swap? It is a bit scary when it comes to learning what the sticker price might be on a late model variant. We are here to keep costs low for consumers. Pricing that is affordable for almost every buyer is what is delivered in the form of a quote. We need the year of your vehicle at minimum to make a price calculation.