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5.3 LC9 Crate Engine

Pay less for a Vortec crate engine here.

LC9 RPO is a 5.3L GM V8 engine used in large SUV vehicles. This block was created in the year 2006. It was halted in production in the 2014 year in favor of more powerful 8-cylinder builds. By using the Vortec technology standards, the 5.3 LC9 crate engine is a good buy for the public. Swapping this motor is cheaper than most alternatives.

Suburban and Yukon 5.3

The GMT 900 platform is how General Motors refers to its full-size sport utility vehicles. The most common OEM transmission found in use with the LC9 block is a 6L80. The Generation IV manufacturing schedule provided the opportunity to market the Suburban and Yukon vehicles with the SFI fuel system.

E85 flex fuel was incorporated into the LC9 to offer the greatest advantage for gasoline savings. With a much better emissions control package, GM has been able to achieve the right fuel standards in the USA. The 6000 RPM limit supplies as much as 326 horsepower.

The air intake system of the 5.3L Vortec V8 motor is a composite metal material. Combined with the hollow steel cams, the aluminum cylinder heads help create the refined power level. An active fuel management system is now standard on all VVT equipped blocks in the Gen IV family.

Warranties for V8 Crate Motors

When buying a component that is a used model, the receipt of a protection plan is very important. While GM does create its parts to last for hundreds of thousands of miles, even the best components can fail. The automotive salvage industry can be hit or miss when it comes to a good condition LC9 SUV engine. The economy pricing that is enabled for the products on this POE website are designed for the common consumer to benefit.

A warranty plan that covers up to 36 months is included for no cost with a purchase here. The ignition system, exhaust manifold, camshaft and other important parts are found in the coverage plan. The 4WD enabled blocks that are on sale for any person using this portal are in stock and available to ship daily.

Buy LC9 Engine for Sale Here

The used automotive crate engines for Chevrolet and GMC vehicles on this website are sale priced. The purchase of an authentic performance block takes literally no time at all. Since all suppliers are current on inventory, the discounted MSRP price tags on all components here are accurate. Any 5.3L Vortec engine sold as a second hand assembly is priced right here online.

A man does not have to be an LS guy to appreciate the small-block V8. What people will adore is the cheaper stock of secondary market products that are being retailed to U.S. and Canadian consumers here. Phone support is an optional solution for a buyer who is not ready to complete an order using the e-commerce format on this portal.

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