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5.3 LM7 for Sale

LM7 refers to a GM engine in 5.3 liter displacement. It was for sale during the 1999 through 2007 year in the United States. This block represents the most successful period in the Generation III manufacturing time frame. This V8 build is regarded for its better fuel mileage and respected performance. A 5.3 LM7 for sale can be ordered right on this page.

Specs for the Vortec 5300

While several variations were manufactured, the VIN T 8th digit is really common to locate. The horsepower is one thing that GM did not undercut when producing its LM7 motor block. The first level of performance was clocked at 270 hp. The pickup truck and SUV series of vehicles all promoted this level of speed.

Improvements to the way that gasoline was cycled through the engine were administered in the early 2000s. This work increased the old range up to 295 hp. The calculated cubic inch displacement in the official General Motors specs is 325 CID for the 5.3L V8. Consumers who seek out replacement inventory from salvage yards will likely find the 5300 series.

Popular vehicles that were sold in North America using the small-block 8 cylinder base were plentiful. The Silverado, Sierra, Tahoe, Yukon, Express, Avalanche, Escalade and Savana did promote the Vortec nameplate for a number of years. While the Ecotec3 is a block that is now the main series being built, the valid history of the LM7 still lives on inside the second had market.

Low Mileage 5.3 Blocks

One issue that comes up when a person seeks out inventory for a V8 enabled vehicle is the block mileage. What mileage is considered too high? Obviously, something with 300,000 miles has a lot of use and wear on the stock parts. This, however, will not mean that the build is not usable. The breaking point for original components is not measured just by mileage. POE has a direct inventory supplied by its partners that is always checked for total miles.

In a free market economy, every consumer has a right to locate the best price. Not settling for a listed MSRP is a decision savvy people make. PreownedEngines.com gives the tools and resources to all people without cost to find quality and dependable replacement motors for Chevrolet and GMC vehicles.

GM Engine Price Quotes

The public has access to our database of inventory that comes from a number of suppliers nationally. Using this system, anyone can review or compare a price without logging in to the computer. By giving POE a model year and the make of a vehicle, a match for price and availability can be completed.

This system works well with iOS devices and Android phones and tablets. The number to call if help is needed is printed on all pages of this website. Find a reliable 5.3 LM7 engine for sale using our company. Warranty plans are included as well as freight fees to a commercial address.