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5.3 LMG Engine Used

The LMG is an engine that is used by Chevy as its primary 5.3 liter active fuel management block. The sport utility vehicles built starting in the 2006 year were the first issued to feature this intelligent motor. Changes to the technology are one thing that did make the older V8 modules obsolete. In order to buy a 5.3 LMG engine used, one can easily get a quoted price from this website.

The Generation IV series, is in some circles, regarded as an accomplishment by General Motors. Although it is not as popular as the garden variety units from earlier in the 1990s, the production process changed drastically. Further improvements to the miles-per-gallon and powertrain were achieved. The fact that these used 5.3 motors are available from a lot of salvage yards says a lot.

325 Cubic Inch Displacement Block

There is 528 raw horsepower that is featured inside of the RPO LMG. The heavy weight of the cast iron housing does not cause any issues though. The most essential thing that a person should understand before buying a second hand 5.3 engine is the mileage count. Learning how much use and sometimes abuse that took place is very important.

The 9:5:1 compression ratio is very much the standard for today’s modern blocks built at GM factories worldwide. Because there are only two valves per cylinder, the perfect mixture of air and the intended fuel burn off takes place. The SFI (sequential fuel injection) works in conjunction with the AFM in all late model SUV vehicles with Chevrolet and GMC nameplates.

The variable valve timing, or VVT, is pretty much solid on the four-wheel drive automobiles. In most cases, the 6L80 automatic transmission is coupled to the 5.3 liter V8 to ensure the maximum horsepower is possible. One interesting thing to look at when evaluating a preowned block is the timing chain. Sometimes, dealers sell a rusted motor that has a bad timing chain.

What Comes with a Crate Engine

Orders launched through this website are all shipped promptly. But, what does someone actually receive? How can you tell if a Chevy engine is blown? Tests help determine the quality of all components prior to sending an order to a customer in the USA or Canada. A typical warranty plan does not cover a water pump or other parts that are usually rebuilt anyway.

All packaging is professional. The dealers, scrap yards and other intermediaries that house the inventory provided are reputable. Ethics is important in the automotive parts industry. Therefore, making sure customers are satisfied is essential to daily business practices.

Quality Chevrolet V8 Inventory

All gaskets are checked, rust (if detected) is noted and a cleaning process generally takes place before shipments are processed. Each of these last-minute checks are what helps customers keep coming back to POE for replacement GM engine blocks. To get a quote on this page, use the mobile-friendly system that is offered. Calling by phone and talking to one of the helpful staff can also result in the distribution of all sale pricing. Feel free to ask about protection plans and extensions of warranties during the quotation procedure.