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5.4 Liter Ford Engine

Ford F250 Engines

The legacy of the 5.4 Triton engine can be traced back to the Lincoln vehicle brand. The InTech edition V8 was the updated modular engine series to the 4.6 design. The standard two-valve design was introduced in multiple Lincoln vehicles before later placement into the 1997 F-Series trucks. The aptly named Triton 5.4 V8 is one engine brand still going strong in the Ford Motor Company engineering plants. Buying a 5.4 liter Ford engine from this resource is easy online.

The Econoline or E-Series vans have reintroduced the placement of the 5.4 V8 in the U.S. market. While the 5.0 Coyote engine series is the new engine of choice, the Triton remains a popular replacement series motor. This PreownedEngines.com resource provides all of the inventory buyers need to complete installation. From multi-valve editions to other inventory incentives, all of the Ford Triton inventory located here is special. Every used condition motor found through this resource is selected as a low mileage block.

Ford Triton V8 Engines Online

Multiple vehicles have used the 5.4 engine over the past 20 years. The F150 and Econoline than are two of the most popular used in the North American market. Ford has also expanded the installation of this engine in different valve types in other vehicles. The Fairmont, Expedition, Lightning, Mustang, Navigator, Cobra and GT500 have all been graced by the V8 power of the Triton motors. All replacement motors researched through this website provide above average quality.

Used engine shipments from online dealers usually do not include free shipping. The Preowned Engines company is one providing new resources to consumers. All shipping charges that are usually attached with a 5.4 engine for sale are erased. This is one extra incentive for replacement Ford engine buyers in the U.S. Every Triton sold here regardless of the valve combination is shipped for zero freight costs. The growing replacement inventory of previously owned engines found here helps make the incentives possible.

Used Ford Triton Engines Prices

There are auction engines that are used that can be found online. These normally have high engine mileage and are unchecked by specialists before sale. The prices always very depending on the used used seller. The prices that are provided using this second hand resource are always marked lower. All Triton engine pricing is featured on this resource at the lowest possible point. The exact price of each engine for sale can be requested through the digitized quotation form on this page.

Ford engine buyers who are replacing V8 Modular engines can speak with a real person by phone calling the toll-free number here. This will result in a price quote for a 5.4 or related engine. Because the cost of shipping is included in the price quote, sales can be processed faster for any buyer. The attached warranty policies to every engine distributed through this resource increases the lifespan and value for customers.

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