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5.7 LT1 Engine for Sale

The 5.7 liter LT1 is a GM engine block built in 1992. U.S. sale for this series was not limited to only one vehicle brand. The 350 base is perhaps the most famous in the history of automobile manufacturing. Even though General Motors used the same RPO code for a motor in the 1970s, someone looking for a 5.7 LT1 engine for sale likely wants the late model version found here.

Specs of the LT1 Motor

Pushrod designs have slowly been fading out of popularity due to newer technologies used by manufacturers. In the case of the 5.7 V8, the 2-valve per cylinder build is one of the strongest available. Depending on the body style of the vehicle holding the block, the horsepower can be higher or lower.

The base range is 275 horsepower with some automobiles showcasing 300 horsepower. The Caprice, Firebird, Corvette, Trans Am, Camaro, Roadmaster and Impala have each benefited from LT1 performance engine. There are crate, rebuilt and preowned forms of these products retailed by companies. POE deals in second hand originals.

The compression has always been 10:5:1. This is unlike the bigger LT4 which was the replacement for the loved 5.7 series. The cast iron block usually includes aluminum heads. The 2 and 4 main bolt design is an easy way to tell what type of block is already inside of a compatible vehicle.

Generation II Small-Block V8

GM is already undertaking its fifth generation in manufacturing. Someone who needs to find a used LT1 engine will have to select the secondary market as a research source. PreownedEngines.com has partners in all corners of the country that find and pull out low mileage units for later retail sale.

Before shopping for a replacement, key things to watch out for will keep the purchase safe. If mileage cannot be validated, it is best not to buy. There is no way to know exactly what a person did or did not do to a block if mileage counts are unknown. For the most part, what is listed on this page has been verified to be accurate.

Cleaning that includes the removal of old oil and some surface rust is essential. While it is not always possible to get a showroom finish, a good retailer will try to clean up the exterior of the unit before a shipment takes place. Having a good reputation in the parts business is something that takes years of hard work to accomplish.

Buy Used GM V8 Engines

The 350 base is just one style that can be ordered using this website. The first thing that will need to happen is to request a quote in price. This is the best way to review the MSRP and the discount that is applied. Upon satisfactory review of the details, orders are accepted online as well as through the phone support call center.

This website can handle mobile and standard Internet devices. The freight delivery companies that route every order are all top companies. A lift gate is the best way to unload the Chevrolet LT1 used motors that are ordered here at POE.