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5.9 Dodge Durango Engine for Sale

Durango by Dodge used a 5.9 V8 engine during its sale period from 1998 to 2003. This block, known as the Magnum, was formerly built for usage inside of pickup trucks and performance vehicles. The decision to install it into the sport utility class proved to be a wise one. While it was eventually replaced for the 5.7 liter, there is still quite a demand for secondary market versions of the 5.9 Dodge Durango engine that is for sale here.

By the time the upgrades were initiated, a big improvement to the horsepower was recognized in the Durango. Instead of the base level 230 hp, a boost to 360 hp is what consumers received in the early 2000 versions. The cubic inch displacement is also 360 although this did not affect the operation in any way.

Complete Durango Motors

The red line limitations of the 5.9 liter V8 are well known. Chrysler set the bar at only 4000 RPM on all versions of its Magnum motor. Because there were other blocks installed in SUVs at the time, only the 46RE automatic transmission was the one found to be the most reliable for the Durango.

Consumers researching the specs and compatibility for certain automotive parts should always be sure to double check the VIN number and date stamps. The limited usage nationally for the 5.9 Durango motor can make it harder to locate in some areas of North America. POE stock that is presented here is in complete form with a full warranty.

Dependable 5.9 V8 Blocks

How good is the gas mileage in a Durango? Comparing the 3.9 to the 8 cylinder model is a little unfair. Some people either love or hate the fuel economy in the Magnum. When it is compared to Chevrolet and Ford offerings, the total mileage might be a bit smaller. Evaluations and a good inspection for a used Durango engine is key.

PreownedEngines.com has more than a couple of automotive wholesalers working with us. Keeping the inventory manageable and the quality high are not easy tasks. The good and the bad part about owning the LA foundation 5.9 is that these can be worked on easily. Parts are still available, but a good warranty is the device that protects the average buyer. No one buys here without getting a plan of coverage at no cost.

Used Dodge V8 Engine Prices

The financial information that is located on the sticker of each piece of inventory presented on this page is delivered by way of a dedicated quotes tool. On top of this page, there is a computer that we use to help people find instant pricing. What a local distributor has available might be different from a national one. Use the features we give out to compare and make a buying decision.

The toll-free phone number that our associates use to communicate with the public can be called at any time. Let us answer any question you may have. The steam-cleaned blocks that are available to fit into the Dodge SUVs are always shipped professionally. Try us out.