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5.9 Liter Dodge Engine for Sale

The 5.9 is a Dodge engine in V8 size often for sale in pickup trucks. This build was the official upgrade to the loved 5.2 series. Chrysler built this edition beginning in 1992 for its Ram division. Casual vehicle owners might not know the history of the Magnum versions prior to the 2003 year. A 5.9 liter Dodge engine for sale is just one of the types that a person can buy on this POE website.

Specs of the Magnum 5.9 V8

The first variation was built to provide a 4000 RPM rating. Upgrades happened after the sixth year of production to solidify the 8 cylinder as a force to be reckoned with. The R/T designation in Dakota trucks and Durango vehicles let the buyers know that a 250 hp option was standard.

As a SOHC design, the 9:1:1 compression was fitting for such a powerful block. Before automakers started cutting costs by using aluminum in parts design, Dodge engines used cast iron as the main polymer. Its 360 cubic inch displacement is what most people appreciate about a 5.9L Magnum engine in used condition.

What is the quality of a preowned build? That is a solid question to ask. In many cases, the previous owner of a block is the one in charge of ensuring its condition is not degraded. When purchasing from a junk yard, a Dodge 360 engine may come with high mileage or it might have surface rust.

V8 Replacement Motors

PreownedEngines.com caters to people who do appreciate a second hand automotive part but who expect high quality. On this site and in the inventory listed, a certified unit can be ordered on this page or by telephone. The recycled inventory that is in one of many warehouses that hold the used Dodge 5.9L motors is reviewed before shipment.

Little things like checking the gaskets for leaks or cleaning off dried oil deposits make a huge difference. Yards that do not meet the standards of better quality stock are not in the nationwide network of provides that POE utilizes for consumers. Every piece of replacement inventory that someone locates using our company is forwarded with a warranty plan in place.

Prices for Dodge 5.9 Engines

A completely digital process is what has improved the secondary parts industry in the USA. By typing in a VIN number or just the model year here, anyone can walk away with an exact price plus applicable shipping. The sport utility vehicle or truck that requires a motor can be back up and running in a short period of time thanks to us.

Contact can be made with our staff offline to inquire about other details not mentioned on this site. The number to call is always listed, and a helpful staff takes calls daily. Instead of paying a higher price elsewhere, it costs nothing to get a quote that will not go up. Price requests are welcome from individual buyers, resellers and other parties involved in the automotive industry.