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6.0 LQ9 Engine for Sale

LQ9 is the engine code for the 6.0 liter V8 engine by GM. Sale options included a package with the Silverado and Sierra pickup trucks. The Generation III manufacturing platform at General Motors is what the 6000 series was built under. Since these are relatively recent blocks, a 6.0 LQ9 engine for sale is available here from POE.

Two valves for every one of the eight cylinders are a feature in Vortec motors. With its 354 horsepower range, the 6.0 liter has performed very well. The street name for this edition is the Vortec Max. The production of this OHV model is what provided the higher output option for the medium-duty pickup truck brands.

Compression in this V8 is 10:0:1. While it is not the biggest available, there were no complaints from owners of this series. Since the Vortec 6000 was built for bigger SUVs, the fuel economy is on par with what the national averages were between 2002 and 2007. In terms of a used 6.0 engine, mileage can and will likely vary.

Warranties for GM V8 Parts

When a component is manufactured and installed, it normally carries a guarantee from the manufacturer. In the case of a second hand V8 block, extra precautions have to be taken to convince consumers that quality is not diminished. Nearly any person can just drop off a motor in a junk yard. The life of the build has to be evaluated and determined.

PreownedEngines.com does supply a warranty package that suits the majority of regular people who need a replacement block. In terms of the length of protection, the typical time frame that is allowed under a standard plan in three years. Although not 100 percent of the parts are protected, for most people this works out to be OK.

Any used Silverado engine or other LQ9 block that is in stock has the coverage applied automatically. This will give a buyer an advantage over a company that limits the number of months of a plan. Questions can be asked during the buying stage about included policies and documents.

Buy Used 6.0 Liter Motors

The high output and performance series of inventory that is carried here is checked for working condition prior to sale. Anyone can place an order, but it helps to achieve a quote in price first. The tool that is located near the top of this page is what to use when a price must be calculated.

The offline customer service telephone number provides the best person-to-person contact available. Asking us about mileage, how much residential shipping costs and other questions is pretty normal. Never pay too high of a price for a replacement Vortec block again. Take advantage of the network of suppliers that offer daily fulfillment solutions through our company right now.