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6.2 Escalade Engine for Sale

6.2 is a V8 engine by GM found on sale in the Cadillac division. Several RPO codes identify this motor, but not all of them have the same specs. The heart and soul of the luxury sport utility vehicle platform has been the performance of the block. As one of the final pushrod style builds in existence, the 6.2 Escalade engine for sale that is presented by people at this website is pretty reliable.

L92 Versus L86

The last of the Vortec family of products was produced in the late 2000s. GM did not start out the Escalade with the 6.2 until sometime after 2007. Little tweaks like including variable valve timing and better computer controls improved the Cadillac 6.2 liter motor. Production enabled after 2014 shifted towards the EcoTec3 L86 design.

The cooling system as well as the compression is different between the editions. The original L92 was thought to have been the beginning of what the modern day versions have morphed into. The 379 cubic inches are still beloved by hardcore General Motors fans.

403 hp versus 423 is not much of a huge difference. The ESV peaks out at the top range of the spectrum while earlier models were on the lower end. The truth about second hand V8 inventory is that it must be validated to ensure it is in 100 percent working condition.

Complete Escalade Blocks

There is a crate edition and a full edition that some retailers promote on the Internet. The crated one comes with no parts. These must be added prior to installing the engine in the Escalade. What many people require is called a pull out version. The 6.2 is one of many parts that are taken out and kept in untampered condition.

Powertrain Guys is continuously building a team of distributors. The reputation of each supplier goes a long way in determining if consumers will be happy in the end. Because the used Cadillac motors are tested beforehand, the risk of undetected errors is very small. In any event, a warranty plan that will cover a good assortment of OEM parts is part of the package.

Buy Used GM V8 Engines

The valves, manifold, hoses, oil pans and other components that come with every motor are in tact. The distinction between an auction seller and a real reseller is very clear. Generous sticker prices are what people come here to search for online. Take a moment of your time to double check the SUV year and specs in our computer to find the stock on hand. A discount along with the number to call to finish an order is given.

Follow the instructions on this page to complete the procedure. Any calls to the staff who answers the phones are conducted professionally. Each person knows and understands the business of secondary automotive parts. You are dealing with experts here who care about getting you better condition products. If at any time the quote database is not working, our team will help you immediately.