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6.2L Vortec Max Engine

The Max Vortec engine in the Silverado was a 6.2L V8 build. The technology behind this package is the added towing system. The 6.0-liter was the first to introduce a high output model. This was carried over to the Max edition for the Silverado and GMC vehicle series. The 2005 to 2006 years were the peak for the 6.2L Vortec Max engine series in the United States. These builds can be purchased right on this website for a cheap price.

The HO series was introduced as a high horsepower model. Chevrolet trucks and sport utility vehicles were enabled with this edition. The 6.2 Vortec Max hp is rated at 403 for the standard edition. The ratio of compression is locked in at 10:4:1 for the V8. This level of performance is achieved through the combination of SFI and the 6000 redline limit for RPMs.

Vortec Max Engine Specs

The heavy-duty vehicle series for Sierra and Silverado trucks is now synonymous with the cast aluminum block. The 6162 cubic centimeters found in the block translate to 376 cubic inches. The 6.2 is known for its use of dual fuel types. The E85 change over allows a flex fuel system. This has been validated as improving the performance in the large scale motor vehicles built by GM.

A person who searches the web for 6.2 Vortec Max engine for sale inventory at PreownedEngines.com will find that warranties are included. This is not just a selling point. Buying any used condition motor block does have some level of consequences for buyers. While knowing the miles per gallon is important, ensuring that coverage for applied parts on the block is essential.

All GMC and Chevy Vortec engines that are offered to the public on this website are certified. These builds are taken right out of working SUV and pickup trucks in North America. The dismantler network that is tapped to provide the builds listed on this portal is national. This makes it easier to find high quality blocks instead of relying only on local inventory.

6.2 Vortec Max Engine for Sale

The finder that is positioned on this page makes locating used condition inventory effortless for consumers. Automotive mechanics and resellers also shop this portal to find out how much a 6.2L Vortec V8 will cost with a warranty. Someone who compares Ecoboost, Ecotec and high output blocks will find that pricing is always different. All searchable prices here are validated and accurate.

The OEM warranty coverage that is provided here is included in the sticker prices that are provided. This also includes freight in the U.S. for commercial clients. If a person needing a used Chevy V8 engine would rather call to find price data, there is a toll-free number available for that purpose.

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