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7.0 Liter GM Engine Used

The 7.0 liter engine block built by GM had its roots in the 1970s during the big block era. While high performance motors never lost popularity, the use of more fuel efficient builds took precedent until the mid 2000s. Production is still active for 7.0 liter GM engine used inventory that is featured on this website. A person interested in learning how to buy a small-block V8 can follow the directions posted here online.

A massive 427 cubic inches is offered in the LS7 late model build. Starting with the Z06 Corvette, Chevrolet car buyers were introduced to the performance series 7.0-liter. This edition was built as part of the Generation IV platform. What is important to know when going on a quest to find a used LS7 engine is that no two dealers provide the same quality of blocks for sale.

505 Horsepower Small-Block V8

Power is the main ingredient in the 90-degree 7.0L. With dual valves for each cylinder, the ratio of compression has been updated to the current 11:0:1 series. The sequential fuel injection system that has been standard on the LS builds for Chevrolet vehicles is found on the LS7. A top speed of 7100 RPMs is part of the rated offerings of the 505 horsepower edition.

Between the production years of 2006 and 2013, GM used its largest V8 in the Corvette automobiles. For the 2014 and 2015 years, production was moved to the Z and Z28 Camaro cars. This is now giving new life to the performance sector at General Motors. Because of the massive consumer appeal, buying a 7.0 liter engine for sale is not as expensive as some people might believe.

LS7 Crate Engine VS Used

What is promoted for a sale price using this website is strictly preowned models. These have been taken right out of working Chevy automobiles in the U.S. market. There are people who prefer to buy a brand new crate V8 motor. While the builds ordered here are delivered as a crate model, they are still second hand editions. The 7.0L Corvette engine edition is listed on this page at a sale price. The inventory includes all variations of the LS7 motor block.

A person who will swap out a Camaro Z28 motor can still fit one of the additional models in with zero modifications. What people are always concerned about is the selling price. Keeping costs low is essential for any builder, auto mechanic or automobile owner. A used Chevy LS7 engine block can be purchased at PreownedEngines.com that includes a full components warranty. The programmed system on this page showcases current sticker pricing.

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