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7.0 LS7 Engine for Sale

LS7 is a performance engine marketed for sale by GM. The 7.0 liter displacement makes it one of the most powerful blocks in the global auto industry. The Generation IV engineering has helped to develop this large V8 into a regarded platform. By paying attention to what consumers want, General Motors has capitalized on increased revenue. POE supplies a 7.0 LS7 engine for sale to anyone shopping here.

Since the development of the Z28, many Chevrolet vehicles are known for having a V8 under the hood. As technology has advanced, additions like cross bolt main bearings and a computerized crankshaft position sensor help set the 7.0 motor apart. It is very common to find the LS package connected to a Tremtec transmission these days.

Buying a Chevy 7.0 Motor

The rated specs help detail what a block has inside and what it might do when under pressure by a driver. Sequential fuel injection packages are pretty much the go-to type found in GM vehicles. The 11:0:1 ratio for compression means that the big-block engine means serious business on the street.

427, the most common V8 displacement, is the amount of cubic inches that General Motors spread around. The head as well as the actual casing are built from aluminum. The overhead valve suits the 7100 RPM nicely. It is common to find both the Z28 and Z06 versions of a used 7.0 liter engine.

505 horsepower is the SAE rating. The ordering of a replacement LS7 block will all but guarantee this performance is included. Sometimes, products that are found on the second hand market do not share the officials specs that are advertised in GM service manuals.

Warranties for OEM Parts

Pushing any Chevy 8 cylinder engine to its limit might cause a parts issue. When something sits in a junk yard for an extended time, degrading of the once shiny parts begins to happen. This process is what weakens the original components and this is how failures begin to happen.

PreownedEngines.com displays exactly what someone can find and place orders for using this website. By linking our computer application with different resources, it is very possible to get a good price. Warranties for replacement parts are always offered, but not all of what might go bad in a block receives coverage.

LS7 Motor Prices

The used stock on hand that will be shipped to a buyer is always quoted in price. This method is the simplest to use so that someone knows what he or she will pay. This service is free to access on this page. The computer knows exactly what the warehouse holds so that MSRP and discounts can be examined.

A handy number to have is the toll-free number that goes to our service department. Each person is waiting to personally assist a consumer who has a question about what we offer or what we can get from another dealer.