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7.3 Powerstroke Engine

The diesel motors introduced in the mid-1990s helped take the Ford Motor Company to a new level. A split deal with Navistar International for a 6-year period provided the technology to reach millions of vehicle owners. The Powerstroke in various displacements has become a legend in the truck industry. This work horse motor was offered in two different builds until the 2010 year. PreownedEngines.com sells 7.3 Powerstroke engine inventory at prices that are unbeatable by auction companies.

The history of Ford vehicles in the U.S. would not be complete without mention about collaborations with other automakers. While Chevrolet and Dodge had performance diesels, Ford took great care into choosing the right partner to produce motor blocks that were worthy of the company nameplate. The direct injection was one of the features that were placed into the motor that was a rival of the Bosch systems used on Cummins or Mazda diesels in the 1990 decade.

Ford 7.3 Engine Specs

The initial build in 1994 for the Powerstroke was the overhead valve design. The original horsepower range was capped at only 200 horsepower. This power level was changed when the dual overhead cam edition was released. This 5-valve design improved the performance even with an iron block. The standard turbine connected to the 7.3 diesel engine was later updated to increase the horsepower to 275. Searching the market for a preowned Powerstroke motor can be a little difficult for some buyers.

There are known 7.3 Powerstroke engine problems that F-Series truck owners have reported. Many of the problems are due to lack of maintenance schedules during ownership. It is true that fuel and oil pumps can degrade over the course of time. Most engine resellers do not provide coverage for pumps once the motor blocks are installed. The diesel combustion inside of the 4-valves eventually takes a toll on the block as a whole if a vehicle owner is not taking care of the unit.

Where to Buy a 7.3 Powerstroke for Sale

Someone who is in the market to buy a replacement Ford truck engine can sort through the diesel inventory that is available from PreownedEngines.com. The standard 7.3 displacement is not the only performance motor that is retailed for sale. The short lived 6.0 and later edition 6.4 are two examples of blocks that are available for shipment. Price is always one concern for a used Ford motor buyer on the Internet. Promoting pricing through this website is always kept to a minimum for consumers.

The national price locator that is installed on the top of this page is a workaround to regular phone work completed by consumers. Prices are automatically compared using the simple research platform. Current price markdowns and special incentives for diesels are now featured when motor year and make are supplied. The used Powerstroke, Scorpion or newer 3.2 are instantly priced for any person buying motors second hand. A staff of specialists remain available by phone if answers to questions cannot be found on this website.

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