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8.1 Chevy Engine for Sale

The engine known as the 8.1 is a Chevy V8 block found for sale at GM in 2001. This edition was the first of the revised big-block models that were built for heavy-duty applications. Even though it carried the Vortec nameplate, it was not as widely accepted for regular usage as the smaller blocks were. In any case, an 8.1 Chevy engine for sale is part of the daily inventory displayed here online.

Vortec 8100 Specs

SFI (sequential fuel injection) was the type that was installed in the L18 RPO code engine. The OHV configuration left no doubt that pure performance was supplied. A large 496 cubic inches do not confine the cylinders like smaller models. The 9:1:1 compression was perfectly suited for the Silverado, Express, Suburban and Avalanche vehicles.

340 horsepower is capable at the 4200 RPM mark in the 8.1 liter V8 motor. Even though General Motors stopped making these in 2009, the fact that some are still available in salvage form is amazing. The high reliability for such a bigger block is one reason why so many consumers search the secondary market when parts are needed.

Combined with the heavy-duty transmission, the torque that is available when hooked up to the 8100 platform is hard to beat. While the gas mileage might have only been at the industry standard ratio, people as a whole were still pleased with the motor.

Second Hand Vortec Inventory

Since Chevrolet and GMC vehicles have featured the power of the Vortec 8.1 liter, other automakers have started to build comparable engines. In the salvage market, there are now dealers that exclusively seek out products that appeal only to GM car owners. The GM L18 for sale that is featured on this website is a fairly low mileage edition.

The elimination process is one method in place to weed out dealers with low quality products. Taking the steps that are appropriate to preserve consumer satisfaction is one strategy that POE undertakes. The true condition of the stock on hand is always described and relayed to consumers before orders are completed.

Buy 8.1 Chevrolet Motors

A tool listed on this page is a dual function computer. The first thing that it does is performs a price calculation. This is a necessary step. A person with intent to buy would likely want to know what discounts are supplied and that shipping is free of charge. The second thing the tool does is offer a way to securely buy available blocks.

The secure platform is the preferred way that price details are delivered. The offline option of finding out the sticker price is to call the support department by telephone. Each professional worker that handles a phone request knows about used Vortec engines. Questions are always evaluated and answered for people who ask.