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Acura Legend 2.5 Engine Used

The luxury vehicle class at Honda was improved with its Acura series. The Legend nameplate was produced until 1995 and featured numerous types of motors. The Acura Legend 2.5 engine used inventory promoted on this website is meant for any person who is swapping an engine in a coupe or sedan edition.

Two production periods were used to produce all of the 2.5 and 2.7 motors used inside of the Legend vehicles. The variety in trim models made it possible for a car owner to receive maximum value for a modest price. The front mounted engine design remains popular due to its compatibility with most 5-speed and 4-speed gearboxes in Honda cars.

Specs for a Honda Legend 2.5 Engine

There are 24 total valves that are featured inside of the block of the 2.5. The code to identify this motor is C25A. This single overhead cam edition was built in Japan although was used in many American versions of the Legend luxury cars. The v-angle design is similar to what Chrysler used for its sedan cars that were also produced in the 1980s and 1990s.

The 2.5-liter motor is water cooled and features an aluminum block. This contributes to the 151 horsepower and torque that is offered in the smaller 4-cylinder Honda created engines. Current owners of a used Acura vehicle who are hoping to find information about where to buy a preowned motor will find this website to be useful.

Cheap to Swap Acura Legend Engines

Paying retailer markup for inventory that is second hand is a problem for foreign car owners. Because of a limited supply, it is getting more difficult to find affordable priced used motors that fit into discontinued Acura cars. The 2.5 available at this PreownedEngines.com resource has been examined to ensure that total quality is available to a person who is tired of paying MSRP prices.

The removal of a Legend engine is usually performed professionally at a dealership or by a car owner who is experienced dropping in replacement engines. Regardless of a how a swap is made, knowing the cost beforehand will help keep a person from paying too much when buying a secondary market Honda motor online.

Guaranteed Low 2.5 Acura Engine Pricing

Sorting through pages of inventory from different web retailers is exhausting. Is there an easier way to find used Acura engines for sale online? The answer to that question is found here. People from across the USA and Canada are now paying less for replacement Honda motors thanks to the search tool on this portal.

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