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Isuzu Amigo 2.2L Engine for Sale

The X22SE 2.2-liter engine used in Amigo SUVs by Isuzu was first marketed in 1998. The company had previously experimented with various V6 and I4 units. Both the hard top and soft top editions were for sale with the Isuzu Amigo 2.2L engine. Buying a unit from a second hand supplier takes only a couple of seconds on this page.

16-Valve 2.2-Liter Isuzu Motors

The sales and distribution in the USA market spread the word about the Amigo. While the Rodeo Sport was nearly the same SUV, there were small but noticeable changes. Holden, with rights to GM manufacturing, built the Family II motor base for the 2.2. The 4-valve per cylinder power level helped sell the compact sport utility vehicles.

Instead of the gasoline version, a diesel option was available in some markets. This was a needed update to the FWD equipped sport utility vehicles. By keeping up with the latest technologies, General Motors under its agreement with Isuzu paved new territories. The public has benefited immensely due to these changes.

Used Engine for an Isuzu SUV

Unless otherwise listed on these pages, all stock provided here is used. This could be referred to as salvage inventory or junk yard finds. What separates the level of components quality here with other companies is certification. A third-party certification is always part of the focus of the sales team at POE.

By keeping things realistic, more people are informed honestly about quality and features. Yes, there is some rust on the blocks for sale. There is also some deterioration of the OEM parts. To ease the worry of people, a two-year term warranty is supplied for free.

2.2L Isuzu Amigo Engines Prices

What appears for review here is really in stock. Nothing is ever listed that cannot be purchased. Condition does matter for I4 motors. All products have been graded. These have been certified. A team member is the very person who calculates price quote requests. A web form or offline contact system is in use to display updated discounts.

The two price discovery methods that people have here are reliable. Never again will someone pay too much for a used Isuzu SUV engine online. From special dealer pricing to one-off incentives, people pay less here period. All freight can be arranged at the time of ordering. A lift gate service is recommended for all residential deliveries.

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