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Audi 4.0 TFSI Engine Used

The 4.0L engine featuring TFSI technology by Audi has been used inside of the S6 and S7 vehicles. With the brand new S8 vehicles now in production, this motor block is quickly outperforming all rivals. The Quattro technology has been constant for over a decade to provide superior performance. A person who is thinking of buying an Audio 4.0 TFSI engine in used condition can find inventory here online.

The secret behind the Audi brand has always been good design. In the case of the hefty V8 blocks, Bentley contributed to the design process. There is more than one turbocharger that is found on the block of the 4.0-liter builds. This provides ultimate power without the need for any third-party upgrade packages like an ECU improvement. The used Audi car motors on sale here are authentic models.

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The sedan has always been a mark of quality in the automobile manufacturing industry. While auto blogs and other web periodicals look down on the MSRP, what consumers know is that quality is part of the purchase price. In terms of the 4.0L TFSI block, there are 243 cubic inches featured. This is by far the largest motor produced to date for the Sportback, Avant and similar trim vehicles. With more than 400 initial horsepower, the turbos are more than what some would call powerful.

The fuel economy or miles per gallon in the TFSI series does fluctuate. The typical spread is between 16 and 23 mpg. This is a respected range due to the high performance features of the motor block. With the cylinder on demand technology, speed is increased or decreased as needed to preserve fuel. People who are tired of a noisy motor find that the active noise control in the TFSI range is a nice feature.

What is listed at this PreownedEngines.com website are builds that work with the ZF and Tiptronic gearboxes. This makes it much easier when swapping out a motor to find that transmission compatibility has already been tested. When it comes to providing a warranty, people who use this portal to buy are completely covered. This is a much better option compared with purchasing a used Audi engine from a local dealer or auction company.

Audi 4.0 TFSI Engine for Sale

Tuning or restoring an already functional vehicle back to OEM operation is much simpler with a good motor package. Through help from the best auto salvage suppliers, all POE inventory that is presented here is in top form. Paying under the retail price for a low mileage V8 Audi replacement motor is possible here. Using the quotation system provided, price data is automatically displayed.

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