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5.2 V8 Dodge Engine for Sale

5.2 is the engine type found for sale in many Dodge vehicles. This block was used as a reliable base when consumers needed torque and horsepower. Its OHV configuration was one of the biggest of its time when it actually debuted in the 1970s. Modifications over a two decade period at Chrysler turned the bad boy V8 into a fierce competitor. PTG has a 5.2 V8 Dodge engine for sale …Read More

1.6 Corolla Engine Sale

Corolla cars used a 1.6 liter 4AFE engine from 1987 onward at Toyota. This DOHC block was the first of its kind to use an electronic fuel system. The days were carbureted motors were over as well as throttle body injectors. This straight four-cylinder build set the tone in the global automotive manufacturing industry for excellence. Powertrain Guys has a 1.6 Corolla engine sale price for its inventory posted here. …Read More

Jeep 258 4.2 Engine for Sale

The 258 is a 4.2 liter inline 6 cylinder engine found for sale in Jeep and other 4WD vehicles. Its 8:0:1 compression made it one of the top cast iron blocks to debut in the year 1971. This build is one of the only products to survive the AMC-Chrysler buyout. Production continued until 1990, but a Jeep 258 engine for sale can be found here. The valve configuration is the …Read More

Ford 2.3L Ecoboost Engine for Sale

Ford used its Ecoboost engine to tout better gas mileage. The 2.3 is the new block that is now being used in place of the larger 2.7 liter. With its 280 horsepower base package, consumers get to experience better performance with no decrease in the fuel economy. The introduction in 2015 set the stage for global recognition of a job well done. Regular people can find a Ford 2.3 Ecoboost …Read More

2.3L Ford Fusion Engine for Sale

The 2.3 is an I4 engine found in the Fusion by Ford. National sale took place from 2006 through the 2009 year. The family of blocks that the four-cylinder refers to is called the Duratec base. With many years of production in years past, continued effort to improve all aspects of performance is still underway in the U.S. POE supplies a 2.3 Ford Fusion engine for sale on this website …Read More

Jetta 2.5 Engine for Sale

The 2.5 is a Jetta automobile engine that was for sale from 2005 to 2014. VW manufactured this block without its traditional TDI technology. The build is an unleaded gasoline engine that has five cylinders. The construction was part of the Fifth Generation A5. Undertaking the procedures to find a replacement Jetta 2.5 engine for sale is pretty easy using this POE website. Specs of the I5 2.5 Liter 9:5:1 …Read More

6.0 LQ9 Engine for Sale

LQ9 is the engine code for the 6.0 liter V8 engine by GM. Sale options included a package with the Silverado and Sierra pickup trucks. The Generation III manufacturing platform at General Motors is what the 6000 series was built under. Since these are relatively recent blocks, a 6.0 LQ9 engine for sale is available here from POE. Two valves for every one of the eight cylinders are a feature …Read More

8.1 Chevy Engine for Sale

The engine known as the 8.1 is a Chevy V8 block found for sale at GM in 2001. This edition was the first of the revised big-block models that were built for heavy-duty applications. Even though it carried the Vortec nameplate, it was not as widely accepted for regular usage as the smaller blocks were. In any case, an 8.1 Chevy engine for sale is part of the daily inventory …Read More

Ford 6.7 Engine for Sale

6.7 is a Ford brand of diesel engine used while for sale in F-Series trucks. The V8 design supplies the necessary power that consumers appreciate for heavy-duty vehicles. Part of the performance is accomplished with the installed turbocharger. Even with its 13 quarts of oil capacity, the fuel economy is considered above average. POE has a Ford 6.7 engine for sale from warehouse inventory in the USA. There are 32 …Read More

Jeep Commander 3.7 Engine for Sale

3.7 is the engine type used in the Commander SUV at Jeep when for sale in 2006. This mid-size vehicle was the offered design that did improve annual sales figures at Chrysler. Even though regular production stopped in 2010, aftermarket sales of the Sport and Base editions still take place. A Jeep Commander 3.7 engine for sale is available here at POE. EKG is the option code that Jeep uses …Read More