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LCV Engine for Sale

LCV is the RPO code for the 2.5 liter engine used in GM vehicles. Sale began in North America in the year 2012. This Generation III block is now the primary I4 motor found in the ATS by Cadillac and Malibu by Chevy. Due to its use of variable valve timing (VVT), fuel economy has been improved. You can buy an LCV engine for sale here. The four-cylinder base is …Read More

Lincoln MKX 3.7 Engine for Sale

The MKX by Lincoln has used a 3.7 liter engine in V6 size during its sale nationally. Usually linked with a six-speed automatic transmission, the TI-VCT block has proven to be a long-term strategy by parent company Ford. An improvement to the power handling of the crossover SUV class happened in 2011. There are still plenty of ways to buy a Lincoln MKX 3.7 engine for sale here. The CD3 …Read More

5.9 Liter Dodge Engine for Sale

The 5.9 is a Dodge engine in V8 size often for sale in pickup trucks. This build was the official upgrade to the loved 5.2 series. Chrysler built this edition beginning in 1992 for its Ram division. Casual vehicle owners might not know the history of the Magnum versions prior to the 2003 year. A 5.9 liter Dodge engine for sale is just one of the types that a person …Read More

Ford Pinto 2.0 Engine for Sale

Pinto cars by Ford used the 2.0 engine in four-cylinder size when for sale nationally. The period of manufacturing between 1971 and 1974 is regarded by consumers who purchased compact vehicles. Some people do not know that the blocks were built in Europe and not in American factories. Either way a Ford Pinto 2.0 engine for sale can be found using the inventory system available on this site. The specs …Read More

2.7 Sebring Engine for Sale

2.7 is the engine type used in Sebring mid-size cars by Chrysler when on sale in the U.S. While there was a time when this block had oil sludge problems, the late model versions did not have this issue. The coupe, sedan and convertible models that were retailed nationally relied on the performance of the infamous V6. A 2.7 Sebring engine for sale can be found here online. There are …Read More

5.9 Dodge Durango Engine for Sale

Durango by Dodge used a 5.9 V8 engine during its sale period from 1998 to 2003. This block, known as the Magnum, was formerly built for usage inside of pickup trucks and performance vehicles. The decision to install it into the sport utility class proved to be a wise one. While it was eventually replaced for the 5.7 liter, there is still quite a demand for secondary market versions of …Read More

6.2 L92 Engine for Sale

L92 is the RPO code for the GM engine in 6.2L displacement found for sale in many automobiles. This block is also referred to as the Vortec 6200. There is plenty of natural power that the Generation IV series offers consumers. The standard four ignition coil packs that are housed on the top of the block guarantee successful startup. Find a 6.2 L92 engine for sale in the inventory listed …Read More

7.0 LS7 Engine for Sale

LS7 is a performance engine marketed for sale by GM. The 7.0 liter displacement makes it one of the most powerful blocks in the global auto industry. The Generation IV engineering has helped to develop this large V8 into a regarded platform. By paying attention to what consumers want, General Motors has capitalized on increased revenue. POE supplies a 7.0 LS7 engine for sale to anyone shopping here. Since the …Read More

Jeep 5.2 Engine for Sale

5.2 is the engine by Jeep that made its way for sale in the Grand Cherokee in 1993. This unit runs entirely on unleaded gasoline unlike some larger V8 editions that are diesel powered. The block itself already had a near 15-year history prior to Chrysler putting these into the SUV class of vehicles. POE is one place to find a Jeep 5.2 engine for sale that is shipped quickly …Read More

6.2 Escalade Engine for Sale

6.2 is a V8 engine by GM found on sale in the Cadillac division. Several RPO codes identify this motor, but not all of them have the same specs. The heart and soul of the luxury sport utility vehicle platform has been the performance of the block. As one of the final pushrod style builds in existence, the 6.2 Escalade engine for sale that is presented by people at this …Read More