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Avenger Engine 2.7L Used Dodge Engine

Avenger cars used 2.7L engine blocks in the SXT series from 2007 to 2010. The Chrysler company produced an optional upgrade to the 2.4 that was more powerful. The mid-size sedan series were fitted with the LH block to continue the V6 marketing. Both standard and flex fuel editions were produced. To buy a complete Dodge Avenger 2.7L engine, complete the order checkout process on this website.

Specs of the 2.7-Liter

Offered only in the performance SXT editions, the DOHC 24-valve 2.7L V6 retained in FWD build. An MPI fuel system came factory installed. This was once piece of technology that helped the Avenger cars to produce 19 to 27 MPG by the final 2014 year.

The red line limit is 6400 RPM for the 192 horsepower model. The best way to tell what type of motor is used in the Dodge Avenger is to look up the VIN data. The factory configuration lists the block stamp as VIN R 8th digit 2.7L.

A 41TS automatic transmission is included in all V6 equipped Dodge cars during the mid 2000s. The 2736cc block is able to receive the best performance when tuned with the stock gearbox. Consumers planning to shop for a preowned Dodge engine have a lot of options to consider.

V6 EER Motor Problems

No auto part in the history of the automobile industry is free from errors. Faulty wiring, natural degradation and heat are some of the contributors to product failures. For the 2.7-liter EER, oil sludge and gasket issues have been reported. The PreownedEngines.com company only promotes blocks that have been certified by mechanics prior to sale.

A low mileage motor is something all people try to find. There is a lot of variance in usage for a salvaged auto part. Mileage is stated in the factory data on this page when known. The 24-month warranty coverage was put in place as a benefit to the average person to help defer repair fees.

How to Buy 2.7L Avenger V6 Engines

Paying the MSRP is not what experienced buyers expect. To get the best deals, it takes a quote in price from multiple companies. Junk yard components are in demand because of the high reliability and low cost. POE is connected to hundreds of USA sources to acquire engines for Avenger automobiles.

A customer service representative can be reached by phone to discuss VIN matching. Quality standards are kept high because of the stringent selection procedures. The toll-free phone number support is a must for people who make purchases offline. In under 60 seconds, cost data by phone or through this web portal will be given to someone here.

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