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BMW 6 Series 4.4L V8 Engine On Sale

BMW updated its 6 series cars with a 4.4L V8 engine starting in the year 2003. This chassis design was meant to upgrade the convertible and coupe automobiles with an all-new motor block. The E63 and E64 designs were tied to the developed V8 builds. Through the installation of VVT technology, BMW has been able to build much better dual overhead cam motors. Buying a BMW 6 series 4.4L V8 engine is easy to do on this website.

The final use of the 4.4-liter block came in the year 2010 although the build has not yet been retired. The secondary market provides a source for people who already own a series 6 BMW to find a replacement. What some appreciate about the 8-cylinder edition is the difference in horsepower ranges. The official specs are listed at 319 to 333 horsepower. The SAE rating average is around 325 for late model builds.

6500 Redline Limit 4.4 Blocks

The actual engine code for the V8 build is N62B44. This is denotes the separation from the standard N62 base. There are 268 cubic inches that are found in the 4.4-liter block and the RPM limit is set at 6500. The rated displacement was marketed publicly at 4799 cubic centimeters. When someone goes to buy a used BMW 6 series car, one of the first questions asked is about the OEM engine quality.

As a secondary choice, the 3.0-liter V6 was offered as a standard edition on the series 6 BMW automobiles. This was offered after termination of the convertible and coupe editions that featured the large 8-cylinder editions. In order to achieve the best price available, a person performing a BMW 6 series engine swap usually finds it wise to shop around and compare dealers. Unlike regular brands of automobile parts, luxury components do cost more.

The 645Ci can be fitted with a preowned motor block although it is best to find a coverage plan for parts protection. It is not standard in the used parts industry to supply a warranty for a time period greater than 90 days. The PreownedEngines.com company has established its expansion of warranty terms. By activating coverage immediately after an order, the time period is extended to a minimum of 24 months.

Used BMW 6 Replacement Engines

Audi did a lot of things right when it introduced its first luxury vehicle to the United States market in the 1970s. This trend continues with superior manufacturing of internal and external components for all nameplates. Someone can order a build right from this website. Mileage has been evaluated as well as the compatibility with transmissions. To receive an upfront price with no haggling necessary, use the digital system right on this page.

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