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Buick 3800 Engine

Buick has long been one of the most enduring brands in the General Motors family. One of the top motors that has been produced actually started in the 1960s. The power level offered proved to be too much for consumer based vehicles and the V6 base was shelved for about a decade. GM did introduce the 3800 engine used in most Buick cars again in the 1970s. This second hand market resource can help provide the history of the 3.8 displacement.

There are different generations of the V6 that was used throughout the manufacturing run of Buick. Vehicles produced 40 years ago used the 3.8 as the base motor. The Regal, Century, Skylark and Skyhawk were cars that depended on the high combustion enabled cylinder heads. The series I, II and III motors can be located using the finder program that exists at the top of this page.

Buick 3800 Engine Specs

The 9:4:1 compression ratio is common inside of the V6 base. This provides as much as 240 horsepower. The 1990s editions that still remain popular for vehicle owners did include upgrades like a supercharged edition. A better air induction system was used to boost horsepower as well as the miles per gallon expected. The V8 technologies used in the original 90-degree design have been part of the 3800 motors in the U.S.

The use of small-block V6 engines is now common in the automotive industry. Many of the same bell-housings for transmissions are fitted to the modern 3.8 engines. The shape of the flywheel and clutch assembly have changed little through the years. It is possible to find a rebuilt version of this motor although many consumers who are swapping a motor go for the preowned editions.

Replacing a Supercharged 3800 Motor

Someone who plans to install a better condition motor into a compatible Buick motor vehicle can depend on this PreownedEngines.com resource. All inventory that is posted as in stock is fully compatible with the GM based powertrain. The blocks are aluminum and are OEM designs. This makes it possible for a person needing a certified motor from any decade to find a suitable swap.

Where to Buy a Used Buick Engine Online

There is no need to pull out a wiring diagram and try to fix an older 3800 used engine. The stock inventory that is showcased when using this resource will present low pricing. This means that someone who has a stalling issue or a cranking problem can easily find a replacement motor vehicle engine. The regular and supercharged 3.8 motors built by GM can be priced using this Internet source for auto parts buyers.

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