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Buick Century 3.3L Engine On Sale

3.3L VIN N Buick Century engines are for sale here daily. While it lasted until the year 2005, the Century was quite an experiment for General Motors. The nameplate was marketed starting in the 1930s and featured multiple engine variants. What could not be denied about the Buick brand was the reliable components used in manufacturing.

RPO LG7 Engine Specs

GM uses code numbers in order to make it easier to identify auto parts. The Century cars received the 5200 RPM 3.3-liter in the year 1989. This design was meant to upgrade the performance of the A body automobiles. The 6-cylinder version is a transverse mounted block.

The specs do include 160 horsepower in the base unit. This was possible because of the 204 cubic inch displacement. The GM LG7 motor was a faithful companion to the Buick Century until its demise in the mid 2000s.

All FWD enabled Buick cars were set up to use a three-speed or four-speed transmission. The transitional period at General Motors moved forward from the classic to late model turbo-hydramatic gearboxes.

An electronic fuel injection system is found on all of the pre-1993 Century motors. The MPG rating changed very little from each year to year. The 18 to 20 miles per gallon figure is possible even with a used Buick Century engine.

Problems with 3.3L V6 Blocks

Mechanics know all too well about maintenance and its importance. Consumers who do not regularly change oil and monitor the pressure are asking for trouble. In the case of issues with the 3.3, some people have stated that oil sludge and other artifacts happen after the 100,000 mile mark in reached.

The Preowned Engines company has likely the number one rated warranty plan for all salvage Buick V6 blocks in stock. The period of protection lasts a surprising three years. What this relates to is after installation any problems that are covered are fixed without charges.

3.3L Buick Century Engine for Sale

This page is part informational and part sales oriented for the famed V6 at GM. People who want to ask for a quote in price will leave here happy and informed. The actual discounted price tags found on blocks in the warehouse are viewable without delay. The web or phone system in use to provide support for American consumers is active 24/7/365.

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