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Buick Verano 2.0 Turbo Engine

Verano cars from Buick have used the 2.0L turbo engine since the year 2013. A total of 24 months of production took place prior to the installation of the turbocharged Ecotec block. For the all-new sedan platform, GM selected the Delta II platform to supply the chassis needed for the turbo motor. As a luxury compact vehicle, the Verano is one of the only builds to achieve more than 30 miles per gallon on average. A good condition Buick Verano 2.0 turbo engine is on sale at this website daily.

The power behind the turbocharged technology is the LHU RPO series. The modified aluminum head now uses a Rotocast design. This improves the performance of the block during operation. This system works in conjunction with the direct injection technology. The transverse mounted block is part of the late model edition engineering for front-wheel drive automobiles at GM. The inclusion of variable valve timing has topped the 2.0-liter block off with 250 horsepower.

DOHC 2.0 Liter Turbo I4 Ecotec

There are only 4 actual valves per cylinder in the 2.0 block. This is now standard on the 9:2:1 compression builds. The use of the hydraulic lifter system was carried over from the early Ecotec builds produced in the early 2000s. The actual block is made from aluminum and not cast iron to provide a lighter total weight.

One thing that General Motors did differently with its Buick Verano was pair it with a higher geared transmission. The 6T50 is part of the newest editions in the powertrain components used in luxury vehicles. The 6-speed automatic is the standard unit while the manual edition is provided as an upgrade.

The use of a vacuum pump is how the turbo provides maximum airflow to the motor block. The 2.0-liter LHU is one of the first editions to include this system. The redesigned camshaft helps to make this addition possible. Any person who will swap a Verano engine will likely find this data useful.

Buy 2.0L I4 Turbo Buick Motors

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