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C1500 Engine for Sale

C1500 trucks used the LB4 RPO engine in the 1990s. GM built its Vortec technology to include EFI fuel delivery. There are two popular 4.3-liter blocks found in most of the Chevy trucks made during this period in time. The VIN Z and VIN W versions are what can be ordered while shopping on this website. All used C1500 engine for sale inventory here is ready to ship nationwide.

Certified C/K LB4 Truck Motors

The electronic fuel delivery system was a major update from the carburetor technology. The specs of the 4300 6-cylinder changed very little from year to year. The base version produced 160 horsepower. It was more commonly promoted with the GM MM4 transmission although other assemblies were available. A second option for an MX0 automatic version can also be located.

Before the Silverado was the main Chevrolet truck brand, the C1500 reigned supreme. The Regular cab, Sportside, Fleetside and Club Coupe were the best-selling models. The preowned LB4 engines that are part of the salvage truck motor inventory for sale here include all trim versions. The 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998 blocks are in stock.

Specs of the C1500 Engine Block

Between 1985 and 1998, General Motors supplied more than one emissions standard. The 9:3:1 ratio of compression was on every product that was manufactured. The TBI fuel systems were common, but the horsepower changed with every new model year. The 130 hp of the original 4.3L was improved to 165 hp by the mid 1990s.

Aside from pickup truck installations, the LB4 Vortec was found in regular automobiles. The Grand Prix from Pontiac, Monte Carlo from Chevrolet and S10 Blazer were part of the V6 installations. Every 4.3L V6 engine that is available as used on this website comes from the most trusted wrecking yards in the United States.

Buy 4.3 Liter Vortec Motors Here

There are pros and cons of owning any 6-cylinder block that is acquired as a second hand model. What GM did provide its motor vehicle buyers was a long-lasting version. The best way to save when swapping out any Vortec 4300 block is to find one with the lowest count of mileage possible. Age on the installed parts does not mean that the build is non-functional.

PreownedEngines.com employs only the best representatives to promote acquired GM motors for sale on the Internet. A true specialist who is an expert at his or her position is part of the customer service department. Calling by phone is how most people prefer to buy what is promoted as in stock here. An optional method is to get an immediate quote in price by entering requested data in the price locator system on this page.

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