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Cadillac ATS 2.0 Engine for Sale

The ATS Cadillac executive cars use the 2.0L engine block. This turbo model is a front design that was first introduced at General Motors in 2013. A change that was made to the vehicle platform has now helped produce the ATS under the Alpha design. This provided access to the turbocharged power that the late model Ecotec builds provide. Any person can purchase a Cadillac ATS 2.0 engine using this resource online.

There are 4 trim levels that have been produced for the ATS cars. These editions are luxury, standard, comfort and elite. Part of the global allure for the Cadillac brand has been the quality of the motor blocks inside. Aside from the older Northstar builds, the ATS 2.0 turbo engine is one of the models that some people appreciate the most. Shopping this website will introduce a person to the models that are in stock.

272 Horsepower Turbo 2.0 Motors

The speed and durability of the ATS motor blocks is due to the technology found in the Generation III LTG series. The 9:5:1 compression is now standard for all of the combustion blocks that feature a turbocharger. A top speed can be achieved at 5550 RPMs. The SAE rated 272 horsepower is found on the direct injection editions of the 2.0L blocks in the United States market.

The fuel economy is one thing that bothers some people before ordering a replacement auto engine. It is true that age and components deterioration will decrease the rated miles per gallon. For a person who buys from the PreownedEngines.com inventory, the Cadillac ATS 2.0 turbo MPG has been evaluated. A person can expect to receive between 22 and 33 MPG.

One thing that General Motors was adamant about when creating the revised ATS motor block was transmission reliability. The regular 4 or 5-speed models used in previous luxury vehicles were not selected in any of the builds between 2014 and onwards. The 6L45 transmission is the unit that is now installed into the Cadillac cars that feature the turbocharged 2.0-liter.

Buy Used Cadillac ATS 2.0 Engines

How much is a used Cadillac motor? That question is actually easy to answer. While a suggested retail list price can be thousands of dollars, a preowned model will be much lower in price. What a person should find out is if a build is OEM or rebuilt. Sticking with a second hand version will always be less expensive. The ATS replacement engine inventory that is listed here in stock already includes the price of freight in the presented sale price.

The ordering center on this page mixed with the offline customer support available is top notch. Any of the spare GM car engines for luxury or standard automobiles presented here arrive complete to any U.S. destination with a full product warranty.

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