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Cadillac LC3 Engine for Sale

The Northstar 4.4L is the LC3 RPO engine at General Motors. Known globally as a supercharged edition, the XLR and STS vehicles were the main models showcasing this powerful V8. Through the use of variable valve timing (VVT), a higher performance level was achieved. The gasoline powered Cadillac LC3 engine for sale presented on this website is promoted with a discount price.

Specs of the 4.4 Northstar Engine

When offered as an OEM or crate version, the LC3 should still have the factory specs. The official Cadillac documentation lists the build as a 266 CID block. The casing is made from two types of metal. The top section is a sand casted aluminum. The bottom is the die cast section. There are four valves for each of the cylinders in the Northstar V8.

The ratio of compression is 9:0:1. The SFI fuel system is standard on all late model longitudinal blocks. The cut off for fuel during overdrive is 6700 RPMs. The range of power can be 443 hp or 469 depending on when the 4.4-liter was made. The regular VIN D 8th digit version is what is for sale here.

Supercharged LC3 Motors with a Warranty

There are 4371 cubic centimeters in the block of the DOHC V8. Parts can degrade over the course of time. A long-term components warranty is something of a rarity in the second hand industry. PreownedEngines.com does supply LC3 crate engine products with a full warranty for buyers. Most of everything that was originally installed at one of the global GM factories is part of the protection policies available.

The 4.4-liter displacement units promoted here are offered with more than one production year. This allows people to validate the RPO code depending on the unit that is required. The 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 versions for the Northstar LC3 engine are always in stock and shippable in the U.S.

Buy GM LC3 Engines Online

The residential market is one of the biggest for replacement auto parts in the country. While more mechanics are realizing the value of purchasing second hand, actual car owners have an assortment of components available 24/7/365. Starting a search here for an authentic Cadillac motor is easy. A person will need to supply the right VIN number. A quick evaluation is performed to double check the main warehouse.

What happens after this is completed is a sale price is presented. Someone will have the ability to make a comparison with another dealer or to “buy it now” in real time. Everything posted here is taken out of XLR and STS motor vehicles by dismantling agencies. The quality is preserved. All mileage counts are shown when these are verified.

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