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Cadillac XTS 3.6 Turbo Engine Used

The XTS from Cadillac has used the 3.6 turbocharged engine since the 2013 year. As one part of the luxury sedan division, the XTS is now built under the Epsilon II platform. This makes it possible to include more than one type of V6 motor. Nearly all of the transverse mounted motors that are produced at GM include a turbo option as an upgrade. A Cadillac XTS 3.6 turbo engine can be purchased at a sale price on this website.

Cadillac has been branded with AWD cars for decades. As a full-size motor vehicle, the XTS turbo showcases a whopping 410 horsepower. This is one of the biggest blocks that is in production in both Canadian and Chinese manufacturing plants for GM. The redline limit is slightly lower at 5750 compared to other automaker brands using a twin series turbo technology.

LF3 Cadillac Performance Motor

One thing to note about the 3.6 is that it is being produced under the GM High Feature family of blocks. This series is slowly taking over where the Vortec brand left off. The compression ratio is 10:2:1 and does not change in either the LFX or LF3 RPO builds. The Cadillac XTS twin turbo V6 builds that are supplied for sale on this website are for 2013, 2014 and late model cars.

A secret in engineering of V6 motors is to make the block lighter by using aluminum instead of cast iron. GM has pioneered this strategy in the past decade. The 3.6 is now a 60-degree build and is mainly promoted as a DOHC version. The block is all aluminum and a person can expect between 17 and 26 miles per gallon. A 6-speed automatic transmission is usually found with all editions of the XTS vehicles.

Buy Used Cadillac XTS Engines

Learning about the history, price and XTS specs is all part of doing research before buying a replacement car motor. There are dealers that provide a ton of good information and those that are only interested in capturing a sale. The PreownedEngines.com company supplies what might be the lowest mileage builds for GM subsidiary vehicles. Through excellent working relationships with dismantlers, used 3.6L XTS engines are acquired for sale.

To receive current sale pricing, a person needs to make two choices. The first choice is whether to use the Internet price delivery tool or not. The second choice is if the right VIN number is validated. Calling customer service or using the web price quotation service can each determine the right vehicle identification number. This step cannot be skipped before buying a second hand Cadillac motor block.

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