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Dodge Caravan 3.3L Engine

Dodge placed its Caravan for sale with a 3.3L engine after the year 1993. This popular van had already used four-cylinder and motors built by Mitsubishi. The Chrysler company debuted its most popular vehicle to date in the production year of 1984. Known for good gas mileage, the Dodge 3.3L Caravan engine can still be found preowned online.

Specs for the Caravan Motor

The horsepower is what many people have come to love about the Dodge 3.3-liter. This series was first promoted with a 150 hp rating although engineering improved the specs to 180 by the early 2000s. The OHV block has been one of the most reliable. As a pushrod design, the 201 cubic inch displacement pairs well for the minivan automobiles.

When someone goes to install a used Caravan engine, it might be a shock to learn it fits transverse and longitudinal designs. There were two main VIN numbers found stamped on the underside of the housing. VIN 3 is either a G or R edition. The 6-cylinder power level did provide premium performance to van buyers.

A variable intake module was a big part of the success of the Caravan series. The compression was improved to allow more air to get to the motor. This change took place during the 2001 manufacturing year. Combined with an ignition sensor tool, the 3.3-liter V6 was powerful.

The MPG rating is somewhere between 19 and 26. A lot can depend on whether the EGA motor performs at this level. The final year of use at Chrysler for its famed 3.3 was the 2010 year. The Pentastar was the build picked to replace the regular V6 going forward.

Caravan and Grand Caravan Problems

With no maintenance performed, a minivan owner could report several problems with the overhead valve 3.3. Replacement O2 sensors can be common as well as faulty water pumps. The EGR valve can be clogged and prevent proper emissions. Radiator leaks and stalling due to transmission trouble have all been linked to Dodge vans.

The difference between rebuilt and used motors that are for sale on this website is clear. All assemblies are checked by a real person when pulled from under a hood. Hoses and other essentials on the block are then reviewed and graded.

Buy Used Dodge Caravan Engines 

The base version and the higher 3.8-liter editions are in the inventory here. A quote on this website is possible or a call to an expert can be made. Someone with questions about the time frame for a warranty plan will get this data when calling. There is no substitute for a poorly maintained motor vehicle, but warranties do help the casual motor buyer.

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