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Ford Excursion Diesel Engine for Sale

The 6.0L V8 was used in the Excursion SUVs that are diesel powered. The initial installation took place in the year 1999. The direct replacement for the infamous 7.3-liter was the newly adopted Powerstroke 6.0. Ford fans and those who appreciate rival company vehicles could not mistake the features of this V8. There are a number of steps to take when looking for block for a Ford Excursion online. In …Read More

Ford Ranger 2.3L Engine Buy Used

Ford dictated how it used the Ranger 2.3 engine in all pickup trucks during the 1982 to 1997 year. For people who are familiar with manufacturing, it might seem like a moot point. Someone who has recognized the need to buy a replacement Ranger motor will usually want to know a little about the history prior to ordering. What is listed on this portal is a stock of used Ford …Read More

F150 Lariat Engine for Sale OEM Blocks

The Lariat has been part of the F150 brand since the mid 1970s. Engines for this truck range between V6 and V8 builds depending on the year. The modern-day F-Series trucks are now built with a variety of complex gasoline and diesel motor blocks. Someone who is getting into the research phase before buying an F150 Lariat engine for sale can find price details and stock status information on this …Read More

Ford 2.0L I4 16V MPFI DOHC Engine Used

Ford cars used the 2.0L I4 engine blocks before the invention of Ti-VCT technology in 2010. The older series Duratec models can still be found in used condition from respected retailers. For a coupe or sedan vehicle, the 16-valve motor block was standard for a number of years in the United States. A person who prefers to buy second hand blocks will find Ford 2.0L I4 16V MPFI DOHC auto …Read More

Used Ford 4.9L V6 Engine

The roots of the 4.9L V6 Ford truck engine can be traced to its use in the 1965 year. Known as the Ford 300, this inline 6 block was used for more than 30 years before its abrupt termination in the 1996 year. What this motor block lacked in horsepower was made up for with long-term use. Most people appreciate the way that the cast iron block still holds up …Read More

Ford 1.5 Liter Engine

The 1.5 liter displacement is now used by Ford inside of its Fusion and Focus vehicles in the U.S. The powerful V6 is equally matched by the new Ecoboost system that Ford developed in the early 2000s. Without increasing the fuel costs, horsepower was increased in the I4 builds that were first manufactured in 2014. Finding a sale price for a Ford 1.5 liter engine in used condition is not …Read More

Duratec 2.0L Engine

2.0L Ford engines use the Duratec name for blocks built under the Mazda L platform. While the name might be more familiar to V6 engine users, the 4-cylinder builds were based on the Sigma technology used first in the 1990s. The smaller gasoline powered blocks that Ford relies on have a good reputation in the U.S. Purchasing a Duratec 2.0L engine in used condition is easy here. Ford DOHC 2.0 …Read More

Ford F250 6.2L Engine Used

6.2L engine blocks were used inside the F250 trucks starting in the 2011 production year. This variant of the Boss motor found in performance vehicles is one of the biggest V8 builds. As a replacement to the Triton V10, the Ford F250 6.2L engine used its power level to convince Super Duty truck users in the U.S. The purchase of any brand F-Series truck motor can take place on this …Read More

Ford Tempo 2.3L Engine

Ford launched its sedan Ford Tempo with a 2.3L engine during the 1984 year in the U.S. auto market. This motor was originally fitted with a carburetor although this fuel delivery system was scrapped in 1985. Ford moved to an all-new fuel system that did not use older air intake systems. The 2.3-liter motor is one based on the early HSC build that was tied to the I4 series. Someone …Read More

Used Ford Aspire 1.3L Engine

1994 was the year when Ford created its Aspire with the 1.3L engine in the U.S. market. While first branded as a Festiva, the Aspire was sold for a period of approximately 3 years before being discontinued. The hatchback and sedan versions came with the I4 motor for better fuel economy. Since some late 1990s Ford vehicles are no longer produced, locating auto parts can still be a problem for …Read More