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1.6 Civic Engine for Sale

The Civic by Honda is known for its 1.6 liter engine block used since 1988 in the U.S. Sale prices for this block go up and down based on market conditions. There are several internal Honda codes that identify the standard displacement versions. PreownedEngines.com has a stock of 1.6 Civic engine for sale units ready to buy on this website. Specs of the 1.6L Block Up to 7200 RPM is …Read More

Honda Fit 1.5L Engine Used Block

Fit cars are for sale by Honda with 1.5L engines in the USA market. In the year 2007, these automobiles entered the market for consumer purchase. The iVTEC editions are quite popular because of the reliable power. The used Honda Fit 1.5L engine inventory provided on this website is shipped fast to buyers. Specs for Fit Engines The LA15 block was the first edition sold in the base model. A …Read More

Honda Element 2.4L Engine for Sale

The Element used the 2.4L K engine built by Honda starting in 2003. The crossover design was created to lure in buyers of compact and mid-size automobiles. The Element was discontinued in the 2011 year although used parts can be purchased from dealers. Right from this website, a Honda Element 2.4L engine is discounted daily. Resellers, auto body shops, mechanics and salvage yards buy motors online here. 2.4L Honda Engine …Read More

Honda Entourage Used Engines Sale

Hyundai Entourage VIN 3 8th digit engines are found here. Kia originally created its Carnival van that was imported to the U.S. as the Entourage. Both Hyundai and Honda sold a variation of this motor vehicle. The FF body design was kept in tact for all four-door minivan models. Between the model years of 2007 and 2010, millions of units were sold. The hurdle that trips up most people is …Read More

Honda Crosstour 3.5L Engine

The Crosstour by Honda used the 3.5L V6 engine for most of its production run from 2010 to 2015 in the United States. While this vehicle is no longer produced, what is still available is the motor block. The good news for a person who owns the Accord or standard Crosstour is that used condition replacement V6 builds are available. Using this website, a person can find direct pricing for …Read More

Honda Insight 1.3L Engine

Honda used the 1.3-liter car engine in the Insight vehicle starting in the year 2010. This LDA 4-cylinder motor was produced until the 2015 production year. As a primary motor for a hatchback vehicle, the single overhead cam edition remains a top hybrid block. A buyer seeking the best resource to buy a Honda Insight 1.3L engine on the Internet will appreciate this website. The main assembly of the LDA …Read More

Honda Pilot 3.5 Engine Used

The first crossover sport utility vehicle in the Honda lineup was the Pilot series. The push to introduce a 5-door vehicle to the American car market happened for Honda in 2003. As a successful vehicle, the Pilot SUV comes with a standard V6 engine block. For someone interested in online motor buying, a Honda Pilot 3.5 engine used inventory is presented at this national resource. The history of the Pilot …Read More

Used Honda CRV Engines for Sale

Used Honda CRV Engines for Sale Honda built its CRV, sometimes called CR-V, in 1995. This Japanese vehicle has turned out to be one of the most successful in recent history. The U.S. market adopted the CRV in 1997 where it has stayed a top competitor each year. Motors used in this crossover SUV rely upon three displacements. The PreownedEngines.com company distributes all makes and models of used Honda CRV …Read More

Honda Accord Engine

The Honda Accord has been produced for the U.S. vehicle market since 1976. The development of the 1.6 engine provided the initial horsepower for the early edition Accord vehicles. The compact version of the Accord was the first edition sold on U.S. soil for Honda. The mid and full-size editions now produced have helped make this vehicle brand one of the top automobiles worldwide. A Honda Accord engine is easy …Read More

Purchase Honda Engines

The name Honda is now synonymous with performance in the U.S. While this brand has been sold since the 1970s, the early 1990s production of vehicles with the Honda nameplate made this brand more popular. The early fuel efficiency of vehicles was overshadowed by low horsepower engines. The performance motors that Honda has produced over the past 30 years for the U.S. market are now represented here for sale. Buying …Read More